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Superannuation Year13 Offer

Study Year13  is like the online dating site for your education. Let us find your perfect match so you and your desired course can have a long and sexy relationship!

Study smart and get qualified your own way. Find information on what you need to know about Distance and Online Education, TAFE, University, Private Colleges or New Age courses

Study Options Guide

Year13 Private Colleges


What are Colleges? Private colleges are a cross between University and TAFE. You can study many of the courses offered at University, but in a...


About University Ultimately, it’s the place you go to if you want to get yourself a ‘degree’ qualification in an area of study. Universities...


What is TAFE? ‘TAFE’ means ‘Technical And Further Education’, and it is a government funded institute. It’s open to everyone who wants to...
Uni options

Other ways into Uni

We all know the stress of finishing school and working out whether you want to go to Uni. Everyone thinks theres only 1 way into Uni, but thanks to...

School Based Apprenticeships

What is a school based apprenticeship? A school based apprenticeship is just like any other apprenticeship, where you study at a TAFE or registered...

Distance & Online

What is online and distance education? It’s a flexible way to study a course through a university or other higher education institution without...

Most popular Courses and Apprenticeships

Year13 Construction-Tile


What’s it all about? The construction and carpentry trades are closely related and classed within the same industry. They’re both about...
Year 13 Business training tile


What’s it all about? ‘Business’ is a very broad term covering just about any sort of career under the sun. From large multi-national...
Year13 Beauty and Make Up trainee tile

Beauty Therapy and Makeup

What’s it all about? If you decide on a career in beauty therapy and makeup, you can expect to be working as a trainee or apprentice in a business...
Year 13 Child Care training tile

Child Care

What’s child care about? Child care training and courses deal with taking care and helping children, dealing with children’s issues and...


What's it all about? The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that covers an array of fields ranging from working in bars,...


What's it all about? Plumbing is a very mechanical, technical and practical trade. It isn’t just about clearing waste from sewers and toilets....


What’s it all about? Getting into the great outdoors and getting your hands dirty, some good old-fashioned hard work and keeping fit and healthy...


What’s it all about? ‘I.T’ means ‘information technology’, and if you decide to work in this industry, you’ll be dealing with...

Health & Fitness

What’s it all about? A career in health and fitness is a lifestyle more than it is a ‘job’. It is an industry like no other where you get to...