What’s a Work and Travel Canada gap year?

Canada has so much to offer! Canada is the second largest country in the world and is an amazing destination that has everything to make your gap year unforgettable. You’ll be able to get amongst the incredible Canadian culture, see the sights and experience a range of awesome activities such as skiing, canoeing, and hiking, all among the vast array of wildlife.

Is it made for me?

If you’ve always found yourself wanting that little bit more of an experience, then yes, Canada is most definitely for you. You’ll get to live like a local, make life long friends, and gain a wealth of worldly experience.

So if this sounds like what you’re after, then we are here to help.

Taking off on a working holiday gap year in Canada can be a bit daunting at first, especially when you’re also trying to navigate your way through all the necessities such as setting up a bank account, getting a social insurance number, finding accommodation and landing the perfect job.

Our provider is the only working holiday company with its own licensed recruitment agency in Vancouver, and it’s their job to make your transition into the Canadian way of life enjoyable and hassle free.

What will I do?

There are so many jobs to choose from, dependent on your skill sets and what your interests are. You can work in:

Hospitality, F&B & kitchen, Ski & summer resorts, Retail & customer service, Tourism, Nannying/childcare, Labour, maintenance & housekeeping

Plus heaps more – the options are endless!

Where can I do it?

Basically your Canadian working holiday gap year can be done anywhere you choose, as there are placements all throughout Canada. The two most popular gap year destinations for likeminded Australians and New Zealanders are states such as British Columbia, which has cities like Vancouver and the state of Alberta. Here you will be surrounded by the culture, unreal experiences and memorable times all year round.

What will I experience?

The great thing about doing a working holiday gap year is that you’ll get to experience so much more than you could ever imagine. You’ll get the whole tourist experience where you can visit the incredible sights and take on a range of awesome activities, but you’ll also get that local experience where you’re truly involved in the Canadian way of life. You can hit the snow-covered peaks, see wildlife you haven’t seen before, get to know the friendly locals and enjoy the energetic nightlife. Eat at your favourite cafés and restaurants, and shop until you drop; there is so much to see and do! And unlike the big neighbour USA, Canada has a legal drinking age of 18, just like in Australia, so you won’t have to feel left out of the social scene when you are under 21 years old.

How good is this for my career?

Anyone will tell you that getting yourself involved in a different culture is the most rewarding and eye-opening experience, you’ll end up learning more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Whether it’s knowing more what you’d like to pursue in life of simply learning new skills to put on your CV, a working holiday gap year in Canada will give you invaluable experience, which will make you very attractive to future employers. With your visa, you’ll be able to work anywhere between 4 – 24 months, with the possibility of extending it further, and with experience you gain during this time, your career will certainly reap the rewards. With the huge selection of jobs we offer, you’ll come home with amazing international experience, an expanded skill set, and you’ll be ready to climb higher up career ladder to success.

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