There’s nothing like the freedom of knowing you have the house to yourself for a day, night or weekend. A whole heap of new possibilities open up and, aside from the mini freak out you have when you hear a noise in the middle of the night, being home alone means channeling your inner Kevin McCallister and doing whatever the fuck you want.

1. No pants no problem

No one home? Time to ditch any uncomfortable clothes, chuck on that battered old hoodie that your mum says belongs in the bin and chill out.

2. Sex

If your parents are out, your little brother is spending the night at his mates and you’ve got the house to yourself, it’s the perfect time to invite your boyfriend/girlfriend over (or do your own thing, whatever works). You won’t have your mum yelling at you to keep your bedroom door open and you can be as loud as you want with no stress.

3. No cleaning up

Not only will you be able to leave your clothes on the bathroom floor and all your school shit on the kitchen bench, you’ll also have minimal washing up to do. You’ll only have plates for one to clean up and without anyone watching it’s totally cool to drink straight from the bottle and use your hands/the bench/a paper towel as a plate.

4. No compromises

You wont have to worry about spoiling episodes or compromising on movie choice when you’re home alone. You can watch a heap of trashy tv without anyone judging you, or chuck on a Harry Potter movie marathon with no problems.

5. No need to get out of bed

You can literally just bring everything to it. Or, move all your blankets to the loungeroom and set up a fort where you can stay without anyone judging you. It’s also totally acceptable to walk around the house with a blanket as a cape.

6. Eat whatever you want

Feel like getting pizza for dinner for the third time in a row? Go for it. Want to smash the tub of cookies and cream ice cream afterwards? Cool, you do you. No one is there to judge you.

7. No need to share

When you’re home alone there’s no obligatory sharing with everyone. You don’t have to offer around the block of chocolate and secretly hope everyone says no- it’s all yours.

8. No wait for the shower

Being home alone means you can think about getting in the shower for an hour without worry that someone else will jump in just before you get the motivation to move. On top of this, with no one waiting for you to get out you can sit in your towel on the edge of the bath for as long as you like.

9. You can pee/shower with the door open

There’s a weird sense of freedom that comes with leaving the door open while you pee/shower. Maybe it’s because we’re so accustomed to locking the door behind us that leaving it open is surreal. Whatever the reason, you can totally do this when it’s just you at home.

10. No forced conversations

This means no obligatory chats about all the boring shit from your day when it’s just you. Plus, there’s the added perk of having no one interrupt your movies with annoying comments or questions.