Ahhh, finally you have time! Time for yourself! Time to be creative and to sleep in and to RELAX.

We’ve scoured the interwebs to find you 10 classy projects you can do inexpensively (and without much skill or ‘talent’ at all) at home these school holidays.


1. World Map DIY – there are so many ways to make a stencil, but this looks fressshhh.


2. Rustic Candle Decorators – A glue gun would be advised to stick on your twigs!

c55ccb00c4bdd497b6606b4b05c9eb723. String art- I’m a fiend for this craft. There are so many different projects out there that are too irresistible! Hammer in some nails and go hard with coloured string!

eb08282df7d61314a146bd6cbca112bf4. Alcohol Ink Glasses – Number 1 on the Cool Sh*t I Have to Try this week.

watercolormugusingalcoholinkcbforbabble25. Marbled Jewellery Holders #swoooooon

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb07a8485b970d-800wi6. Birdbath CD plate – oh man, time to cut up those old playlist CDs that you have lying around your house. How sick does this look?

IMG_5303_copy7. Handmade gift wrapping – easy, effective.

84e7412ea65c5f716d0140c768c164638. Paint and cork, that’s it. HOW CUTE ARE THE LIL WATERMELONS.

8ffe1c574f4635f3f380b616e49119e19. Image Transfers – these work onto canvas, wood, sea glass… the options are endless!

10. Lacy Succulents, aren’t these cute?!

6a00d8358081ff69e2017d3edd6687970c-800wiSnapchat us your progress and you could win some cash! Who doesn’t want some of that? Hit us up: @year13aus !



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