The conversation about getting qualified for a good, high paying job, usually doesn’t go much further than the qualification itself. Go to uni, get a degree, get a job – that’s what we’re told. But there are so many other skills that are relevant and necessary for a modern career. Some of them are taught at university or on the job, others aren’t. Here are the top 12 high paying, in-demand job skills right now, according to Forbes.


1. Social media.

How’s your Snapchat game? It might seem novel but promotion is necessary for any business and your social media skills could get you a job one day. Social Media manager has a nice ring to it.


2. Sales

The ability to sell stuff can help you in every aspect of your life, even if your job isn’t exclusively a sales position. In a job interview, the goal is to sell yourself as a good employee.

3. Mathematics

Whether you’re doing your taxes or handling fat company budgets, maths is a legitimate skill, both in employment and life.


4. SAP

SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products – it’s basically a corporate database for online applications and it’s used by lots of companies, such as Microsoft and IBM. It’s a little more complicated than social media but almost certain to get you a job.

5. Data Analysis

The capacity to collate web data, identify trends and draw meaning out of them is of essential importance to any business, website or publication. If you can do that, you should be able to get a job.


6. Decision Making

It sounds kind of vague but the ability to make decisive and timely decisions in the workplace is an irreplaceably human skill that every employer can appreciate.

7. Business Development

It ain’t easy to review a business, implement growth opportunities and turn them into concrete results. If you can do this though, it’s going to make you pretty damn employable.


8. Process Improvement

Are you able to figure out how to do things more efficiently in the workplace? This is the basis of process improvement or productivity consultancy and it’s a valuable skill.

9. Collaboration

Working well as part of a team is key for any career. So if you can crack good jokes and convince people that you’re social yet capable, you’re halfway to a career.


10. Oracle

Software engineers use Oracle as a mode of testing their products for flaws. This is admittedly a pretty specialised skill but evidently it’s a skill in demand and could be one worth learning.

11. Mentoring

They say the best way to learn is to teach, and mentoring can certainly solidify your chosen career skills. The thing is though, you’ve kind of got to be an expert before you can become a mentor to someone. It’s a good dream, but maybe a long term one.


12. SQL

Structured Query Language is a computer programming language used for managing data within a specialised database. According to Forbes, this is the highest paying job of all! You’d think it might be worth learning more about it, huh?


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