What I would do to be in high school again. Youthful, innocent, so…incredibly stupid. As the school year starts kicking into gear, soon to be grads around the country have been experiencing the best and worst of Year 12. There’ll be late nights, cramming, partying, procrastination, hookups, losing your innocence, Maccas runs, panic attacks, heart break and a lot of weight gain. It’s a time when you’ll truly discover who you are and what you are going to become.

It might seem like the worst year of your life, but when you look back on it… honestly, it’s a good giggle.

1. Telling your parents you’re just going to watch a movie.

2. Then trying to act normal in the car home.


3. When you go to a party and you judge new people by asking: “what school did you go to?”

go over here now

4. And when they answer your natural response is: “Oh, so do you know…?”

5. When you see a new red P-plater driving like a dickhead.

6. Whenever someone asks: “Soooo what are you doing after Year 12?”

7. Deciding between food and sleep homework in your free period is the second hardest decision you have to make.

8. “This is not a project that can be done the night before.”

9. When you start a new class and only have third reserve friends.

10. When you’re 20 cents short in the canteen line.

11. Your reaction when your teacher catches you texting in class.

12. When you’re about to walk into class but you realise there was an assignment due.


13. Your reaction when the teacher asks: “Did you get that? Would you like to repeat it to the class?”

14. And finally, when the nurse won’t let you go home and your parents tell you “you’ll be right.” 

photo cred: mudminnow

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