Going into a degree, there’s always a chance you’re going to want to leave before getting all the way to the end. Life gets in the way or opportunities come up and suddenly you find yourself a year or two into a qualification, tossing up whether it’s worth throwing away the time you’ve spent working towards a degree, or just slogging it out till the end.

Well, some legends have come up with a very nifty solution to this problem – they’ve got three qualifications in one degree, so if you decide to leave at any point after first year, you’ll still walk away with a qualification you can chuck on your resume and use to get yourself employed.

The degree is the brainchild of La Trobe University and Didasko, and it’s gotta be the most flexible around. Not only can you finish early and still get a qualification, it’s also 100% online so you can study when and where you like. The degree is offered in two massive areas of study – business and IT.

Here’s how it works: Finish first year and you’ll walk away with a diploma in your chosen course (either Applied Business or Applied Information Technology). Finish second year and you’ll have earned yourself an associate degree or make it all the way to the end of third year and you’ll be adding a full-blown bachelor’s degree to your resume, plus the two you quals you’ve already picked up along the way.

There’s more good stuff too – La Trobe and Didasko want to make sure you’re looking nice and employable by the time you graduate, so they go out of their way to provide you with career support. Everything from networking, to guidance on job applications, to creating the perfect resume.

The fact that the courses are online have added bonuses beyond just flexibility. In the world we live in, things are changing fast, especially in the world of business and technology. It’s hard for universities and courses to keep up, but La Trobe and Didasko created these online courses specifically to keep up to date with industry standards and new developments in business and tech. Their course content is always kept up-to-date, which means they’ll be able to prepare you for today’s industry much better than many other universities.

And then there’s the whole work whenever, wherever thing. You can structure your study timetable around your life and your commitments, and academic support will be there to help you out with any questions you may have 5 days a week, early morning till late. Intakes are also open every month, which means you can start at any time of the year (very handy).

Provided you have completed Year 12, you can enter this course after successfully completing a 20-minute assessment test; your ATAR doesn’t come into play at all. You can also undertake the course through the HECS-HELP initiative, which means you don’t have to pay course fees until you start earning a decent income.

As far as courses go, this one sounds like a cracker. Scope out more details or download a course guide here.