With graduation and exams creeping closer, it’s easy to get lost in all the talk about final rankings and scores. It can seem like all you’re doing is studying (or telling everyone how badly you need to study) until summary sheets and flash cards take over your life. Your bedroom is a mess, there’s dirty coffee cups and empty wrappers covering your desk and you’re hating on past you that decided to leave everything to the last minute.

Whether you’ve been going hard, Hermione Granger style, or the stress has overwhelmed you and you’ve barely looked at your notes, give yourself a break. Don’t let study (or the thought of it) take over your life. Not only do you need to cut yourself some slack, but you want to be able to walk out of those exams without feeling like you’ve been living under a rock for the second half of the year.

1. Get some sleep

You don’t need me to tell you that a diet of coffee, No Doz and Redbull is shit. I get it- you have so much going on that sleep is at the bottom of your list right now, along with eating healthy and getting some exercise. But trust me on this one- burn out and over-exhaustion are going to cost you more (mentally, physically and academically) than a night of solid sleep. This is your sign to clock out for a bit- just go to bed.

2. Stop bailing on your mates

Even if it’s just hanging out at each other’s house, watching some trashy movie and scrolling through your phones, make some time for your friends outside of school. And don’t forget about your family amongst it all either. It’s easy to tell everyone you’re too busy to do anything because you need to study. Even if your family is used to you holing up in your bedroom 98% of the time, take a minute to remind them that they do have a living, breathing human under their roof who is just trying to get through exam period.

3. Find some hobbies

We know that hobbies make you a better person. Whether binge watching Netflix for hours or taking a nap in the middle of the day is your thing (totally valid hobbies by the way), don’t stop doing things you enjoy because you’re putting them off until after exams or you’ve managed to convince yourself that you don’t have time. These are the things that are going to make the whole exam period bearable, so find some time to do something just because you want to and not because it has a deadline.

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