If you’ve managed to get away from school or your job long enough to explore the world a little bit, then you probably know how amazing travel is. Ask anyone what they would do with themselves if they had no obligations or responsibilities, and travel is going to be the likely answer.

That’s why if you can find a career that mixes work with travel then you’re definitely on to a winner. With course offers right around the corner, here’s what you should try and get into if you want a career you can travel with.

1. Cooking / Chef

Everybody’s gotta eat, right? Getting qualified as a cook, chef or pastry chef is a great way to ensure you’ll get work just about anywhere you go. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunities in this industry; there’s the chance to work your way up from a dishwasher to a head chef, or to make connections and move up from smaller kitchens to some of the more prestigious restaurants around the world.

2. Hospitality

Ahh, hospo. There’s a good chance you’ve spent a bit of time working in this industry already and while most people simply see it as a way to save cash after school, it’s actually a pretty good career move too. This is because hospitality is super broad and teaches really transferrable skills that you can use anywhere–from pouring a beer without too much foam, to buttering up customers, to taking care of the business and logistics side of a hospitality joint. Some more senior positions include supervisors, bar managers and restaurateurs.

3. Tourism

It goes without saying that working in tourism involves a bit of travel. It’s is a massive industry that covers a whole range of different jobs, from tour guides, cruise directors, entertainers, drivers, instructors, information clerks and lots more. Being a travel agent is a popular choice in this industry as it means you can work at home but still have plenty of opportunities to travel and try out some of the tours you’ll be plugging.

4. Pilots & Flight Attendants

If you want to get your travel expenses paid for (in fact, get paid for your travel expenses), then why not take to the skies? Pilots and flight attendants have to do a lot of travelling in their day to day, but it also means you can do plenty of exploring on your days off.

5. Hotel Staff & Management

If working at a swanky hotel in a beautiful foreign city sounds right up your alley, then this is perfect for you. Jobs in hotels range from cleaners right up to managers, and a lot of people slowly work their way up the ladder from junior roles into more senior positions. Getting a qualification in hotel management is a good way to skip a few steps of the ladder and start out at the top.

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