Dragging yourself out of bed every morning is getting harder and harder. You’re barely keeping your eyes open through second period and by the end of the day you trudge home from school and just have enough energy to throw yourself on your bed. There’s a pile of homework you need to get through and at least two assignments you should have started days ago. You know you’ll have to push through tonight to get something done but right now you can’t. All you can do is lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. If this sounds like you chances are you’re showing signs that you’re more than just tired.

1. You’re surviving on caffeine

Your diet consists of endless cups of coffee and Redbulls to pull you through. You haven’t had a decent meal in ages and there’s a mound of Maccas bags and chip packets piling up in your room alongside a stash of dirty plates that you can’t be bothered taking to the kitchen.

2. You can’t get a solid sleep

Even when you finally crawl into bed, something is stopping you from falling asleep. All you want to do is clock out for a couple of hours but you can’t stop thinking about all the deadlines and assignments you have coming up and you find yourself wide awake even though all you want to do is sleep.

3. And even when you do rack up some hours, you still feel tired

When you finally get to snooze- maybe when you crash after an all nighter– you still wake up tired. It doesn’t matter if you managed to get a massive eight hours (when you’re normally getting four), you’ll still struggle to get yourself through the next day without drifting off.

4. You have no motivation

Once, you actually gave a shit about your marks but now you’re so far past the point of caring that when you fail an exam you shove it in the bottom of your bag and ignore it.

5. You can’t stay focused

You’ve never been able to really focus in Maths but at least you could pick up a concept here and there. Now, you have no idea what’s going on most of the time and when you do manage to zone in on what your teacher is saying, you can’t connect it with anything else you’ve learnt.

If this sounds like you, and you feel like you’re more than just tired, don’t be afraid to cut yourself some slack or reach out and talk to someone- it can be your family, friends or a professional (like a school counsellor).


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