On the day of your high school graduation you’re going to be feeling the full spectrum of emotion. Being thrown together with some of the most important people in your life, a couple of songs about moving on and a handful of cute first day of school pics from kindy can make you go from laughing with your mates to bawling in seconds.

1. Fear

Graduation marks the end of the structure of high school and it’s a sign that you’re about to be pushed into the real world, ready or not.

No more will your days be dictated by school bells and class timetables.

No one will be telling you when to eat throughout the day, or what to wear. You will be completely in charge, and that can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

2. Sadness

There’s no avoiding the fact that on graduation day tears will be shed. Some by your parents, some by your teachers and some by you.

It might be when a slideshow with photos from the past six years starts playing or when you hug your best friend who has been bawling her eyes out since the start of the ceremony.

There’s an inevitable feeling of finality that comes with graduating high school. In between taking final photos with your favourite teachers and trying to hand your mum tissues, you’ll realise that this is the end of a major part of your life, and it can be heart breaking.

3. Excitement

It’s time to start a whole new part of your life. The big, wide world has suddenly opened up to you and you can do whatever you want. Go travelling, find a job, keep studying, whatever you want to do is completely possible.

You’re free to try new things and leave the stresses of high school behind which can be pretty exciting.

4. Lost

You have a world of opportunity in front of you but the endless choices may overwhelm you.

You will look around and see friends that have known what they’ve wanted to do since kindy and wish that you could get your shit together.

You might be torn between travelling, working or studying and what you want to do one day is completely different to what you want to do the next. You won’t have anyone telling you what to do anymore and it can be easy to feel lost


5. Relief

You still might have your final exams to get through but on graduation day it’s easy to forget about those and focus on the fact that you’re not going to be waking up every morning, putting on your school uniform and heading to class.

You won’t be staying up late frantically typing up essays you left to the last minute and you won’t have to sit through classes that you never liked in the first place.

Despite all the tears and stress, it’s coming to end and you can finally breathe.