There are many reasons why you might not get the Year 12 results you wanted. Universities – especially UTS – understand this, so they offer bonus schemes, which will help boost your score, and other entry pathways. You may have heard to get bonus points you have to be some kind of elite athlete, music genius or be financially disadvantaged, but that just isn’t true. UTS:INSEARCH believes that being a few points short of a specific score shouldn’t mean missing out on attending the university of your dreams. And, with UTS:INSEARCH, you no longer have to depend only on a score to get into one of the top universities in Australia.

Here are 5 bonus point schemes you should consider.

1. Subject bonus points 

When universities see a student who is acing their science subjects and wants to pursue a degree in science, they do the math. Good science student + science degree = awesome career in science. This student might only be scraping by in Home Economics, but if they want to be a scientist, why does that matter? Universities get this, so they’re willing to offer bonus points on the subjects that you do well in and are related to your chosen degree.

The best part, a lot of the time bonus points are awarded automatically if you list a participating university in your preferences, so you don’t even have to apply! Just nail the subjects you’re good at and let the bonus points come to you.


UTS:INSEARCH is the premium pathway provider to the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), one of Australia’s leading universities.

The purpose is to prepare students like you to succeed at UTS, but who may not have received the perfect ATAR. UTS:INSEARCH is your direct entry into an elite university.

Find out how you are eligible for a diploma at UTS:INSEARCH and stop worrying about getting into university and start doing it! UTS:INSEARCH will provide you the tools and diploma you’ll need to guarantee entry to your second year at UTS but will make sure you know what university requires before throwing you in the deep end.


3. Bonus scheme questionnaire

You might have thought you’d do better on your ATAR, but if your score falls short of the course cut-off subsequent to bonus points being added, UTS can adjust your ranking based on the submission of this online questionnaire.

Year 12 Bonus Scheme Questionnaire will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • motivation
  • interest in engineering
  • affinity for the engineering discipline

Even if you received a high ATAR, UTS strongly recommends that you still complete the questionnaire in addition to your UAC application.

Early round offers will be made on the basis of this questionnaire.

4. Cadetship

Thinking you probably won’t be eligible for any of the previous schemes? Don’t worry, it’s not over yet. If you received a formal cadetship you may receive up to 5 points in support of your application for a Bachelor in Business.

Who knew the life choices you’d made early on can have such an incredible effect on your application for university!

5. Special entry schemes: inpUTS

Not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to education. You may have experienced hardship or sickness during your studies, or had a home life which required you to put more time into responsibilities other than school. You could be financially disadvantaged, disabled, or struggle with the English language – all of which can have a major impact on your studies.

TACs want to hear about these experiences. If you would like to be awarded bonus points that will help you get access to university, you should submit an application for the Special Entry Access Scheme, or the Educational Access Scheme. inpUTS is the UTS Educational Access Scheme (EAS) available to students who have experienced long-term disadvantage, impacting on their results in school, vocational or university education.

There’s nothing to lose in applying, and you might just be given an opportunity you’ve never had before.


6. Elite athletes program

Heavily involved in sport? Then you know how much time and effort it takes. You’ve got training, competitions, workouts – and all of this takes time away from your studies. Being an elite athlete often means your grades don’t get the attention they deserve, but that doesn’t mean you’re not capable. You can be awarded bonus points just for doing what you love best, and on top of that, many universities will further support you through your tertiary studies if you wish to keep sport in your life.

You’ll have to apply for the elite athletes programs separately, but you can get up to five bonus points. If you want to keep a happy balance of sport and study, a program like this is perfect for you.

Above all else, remember that a score is not going to stop you from achieving your dreams. All things aside, if you’re thinking of trying your hand at university, apply now for UTS:INSEARCH and find out what it takes to study and earn your degree at UTS.

UTS:INSEARCH is one of the few and rare programs that was created specifically with you in mind. Don’t overlook your greatest avenue toward a higher education degree: