Your teenage years is your time to go out and get a taste of the world. It’s your chance to fuck up and make mistakes then forget about them the next morning. It’s your chance to make bad decisions that won’t matter and good decisions that will. Your teenage years are for experimenting and laughing and days spent doing whatever you want. Don’t waste them.

1. Wish that you were an adult

Forget about the fact that you are at a time in your life where you have no real responsibilities or obligations. Wish for the days when you will have insurance, mortgage, electricity and water bills piling up. Spend your hours counting down until you turn 18, until you graduation, until you move out, until you get a proper job, until you get married, until you have kids.

2. Talk about what you want to do, but never actually do it

Tell your friends about how you’re going to backpack around Europe, road trip up and down the coast and buy cheap flights to different countries. Talk about visiting new places and learning new languages. Dream about packing up and flying out without looking back. Think about finding secret waterfalls and hidden spots. Never follow through. Instead, stay at home. Go to work. Settle down.

3. Stay in bed and on your phone

Forget what it’s like to feel raindrops falling onto your bare arms when you get caught in a summer thunderstorm, or to lay on the grass under the sun on a lazy afternoon. Listen to your brother take your dog for a walk while you lay under the covers and stare at a screen. Tell your friends you can’t come out because you’re too busy then spend the night re-watching old episodes you’ve seen before. Keep your eyes fixed on the screen.

4. Delete ‘ugly’ photos

Delete the photos that your friends took of you in the middle of a laughing fit and the ones without makeup. Clear out any photos of the day you spent at the beach with your friends because you look fat, when your hair is messy or your eyes look tired. Delete the snaps of you throwing up rainbow colour spew at your best mates 18th. Delete the photos of your ex best friends and the boys who broke your heart and when you try and look back on them later, when you try to recall your teenage years, rely on fuzzy memories and blurred recollections rather than photos.

5. Don’t fall in love

Don’t let yourself feel butterflies in your stomach and your heart beating out of your chest. Steel yourself when a cute boy smiles and you and refuse to smile back. Go to sleep early instead of staying up late on the phone with someone who makes the missed hours of sleep worth it. Kiss people when you’re drunk and blame the dizziness on the alcohol, forget about the people who try to tell you how much you mean to them.

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