It’s coming up to that time of year where you start waving goodbye to the people you’ve spent the last twelve years with so here’s some ideas for grad presents for your mates.

1. Photo book

Round up all the snaps of you and your mates– formal, school photos, athletics carnivals and the random selfies you took in class when you were bored- and print them all out. Include terrible ones like the time your mate was throwing up in the garden at someone’s 18th or when they fell asleep in the car and the group took the opportunity to take as many ugly sleeping photos as possible. Be aware that old phone photos won’t look the best printed out in your regular 4×6, but if you change the sizing to a smaller print it won’t look too bad. Once you’ve got them all, stick them in a blank sketch book, add a few cute messages and mems of good times and you’re good to go.

2. Scrapbook

You know all those notes you sent in class in Year 7, the movie tickets and random shit gathered from a variety of school excursions? Do the same as above and put them in a blank sketchbook. Especially if you’ve been friends for a long time you should be have accumulated enough stuff to pull this one off. Write all your secrets and inside jokes and paste in notes you used to write to each other.

3. Letters

Get an empty notebook and go around to all your friends and favourite teachers and get them to write a note saying goodbye to your friend. Alternatively, the Dr Suess book ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ is pretty perfect for a grad present, especially if you get it signed by important friends and the best teachers.
You can also write a letter to each one of your friends- something really personal and kinda vom-worthy but beautiful at the same time. Tell them all the things you like about them and all the things they’re great at because one day they might forget it and wish they had someone who told them how they felt.

4. Food

If you’re not a fan of the sentimental stuff, buying food is a pretty good way to go. Boxes of doughnuts or pizza will always go down well and those last couple of days of school where you’re meant to be studying are the perfect opportunity to give your mates the food goods.

5. Alcohol

No doubt after your final exams are over and before ‘real life’ starts with uni beginning, finding a job or jumping on a flight there will be plenty of time for nights out and house parties. Buy a box of Cruisers or Double Blacks to remind your friend of the first time they got properly drunk and threw up in your backyard.

6. Party

In the same theme, the best present is lending an empty house to your friends to hold an end of high school party. Get everyone to bring their study notes, get a bonfire going and start the sacrificial burning.

7. Flowers

Simple, cheap (if you buy a couple of different bunches from Coles and mix them together you won’t look like such a tight-ass) and makes you look like an ace best friend on graduation day when you hand them over.


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