If you’re one of those people who can’t wrap their head around Pythagoras theorem, but can spend hours sketching on the blank pages of their exam booklet it might be worth looking at majoring in Visual Arts.

While you might believe the myth that doing a degree in art won’t land you a job, there’s plenty of career opportunities that are out there for those of us who are a bit more creative.

1. Tattooing

The tattoo industry isn’t highly regulated in Australia however, the Australian Tattooist Guild says the best way to start training in tattooing is to get accredited in Cross Contamination, and do some form of art training (like a Visual Arts degree). Your artistic skills will help you build a solid portfolio which can lead to an apprenticeship.

2. Muralist

If you’re keen to have your art displayed on a massive canvas (think building walls and public spaces), then doing an art degree can get you there. Being a muralist will require you to be familiar with a variety of techniques and paint forms, which your degree can help you out with.

3. Art Therapy

While you won’t be able to become an art therapist purely with a Visual Arts degree, it’s a step in the right direction if you’re keen to put your artistic skills to good use. It’ll give you a solid foundation that you can build upon to help out people who are struggling.

4. Teaching

Because an art degree teaches you different approaches to art materials and processes, as well as advanced knowledge of national and international artists and their practice- with the right quals you’ll have all the knowledge to pass on to other students who want to develop their skills.

5. Illustrator

Ever wanted to see your name printed on the front of a book, but knew you’re just not the sort of person to write one? An art degree could land you a job in something like illustration. Not just for picture books; illustrators often design covers for different novels, as well as draw the story in all your favourite kiddie books. Building a solid knowledge of different techniques and practices is a good place to start with this one, and then you’ll be able to create your own portfolio and look for work.

6. Gallery director

Even if you’re not keen on creating art yourself, visual arts can lead you to a job working in a gallery or museum. You could help identify and organise top quality art works, or build major exhibitions.

7. Animator

You can put your artistic skills to work in the form of an animator where you’ll develop visual effects and images for TV, movies and games. This isn’t your typical single drawing or painting- animators need to build and develop a series of artworks; usually in a variety of formats, including computer and hand drawn work.

8. Whatever you want

The perks of doing an art-based degree means you can use your skills in freelance work so you can decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. It might take a bit more work to establish yourself this way, but if you can build up a stable client base, you’ll be able to flex your artistic muscles however you want.


If any of these sound like your dream job, you need to check out LCI Melbourne’s Bachelor of Design Arts, majoring in Visual Arts. It’s a three-year course that will build on your artistic skills and help you land a job where you can be creative. Plus, LCI Melbourne have a heap of other amazing, creative areas you can major in, like filmmaking & photography, fashion, interior design and heaps more. If you wanna know a bit more about them, head over here to sus what’s on offer and chuck in your details for all the info.


photo cred: Sydney Artist “Phuckos”


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