The mid-year lull is real, guys. Something about the winter chill making it impossible to wake up in the morning and the repetition of whatever you signed yourself up to at the beginning of the year means a lot of us are literally aching to do something else.

You might be starting out at uni and realising that the environment is just not for you. Maybe your gap year’s not popping off like you had hoped and you’re starting to feel a little directionless. Or maybe you’re still at high school and you know you need to try something new to see you through the next couple years. Whatever your situation is, sometimes the thing you need is a real shake-up, and it can be demoralising thinking there’s nothing you can do until next year.

Fortunately for you, TAFE NSW is still accepting applications for their mid-year intake. Exploring one of their certificates, diplomas, or degrees might be just the thing to get you excited about the future again. You might not have considered a TAFE NSW course before, but there are a few good reasons why you should give it a bit of thought for your mid-year switch.

High school students

For those that have decided that they’re finally, irreparably sick of high school, TAFE’s early school leavers’ options are perfect to ensure you still receive education and training for future employability. A common path is to take on an apprenticeship or traineeship, where you balance training and work to learn a trade or skill in a vocational area whilst earning a qualification. Another option is to study a full-time vocational education training (VET) qualification in something you’re actually interested in, like a Cert III in Community Services or a Cert III in Music Industry (Sound Production).

If you’re not keen on dropping out of school, but know you need a change in routine to make the rest of your time there bearable, it might be worth looking into doing a TVET course or school-based apprenticeship or traineeship. TVET courses let you study something not available at school whilst bring credited towards both your HSC and a VET qualification. These courses give you practical skills in areas that are more engaging than your classic school curriculum, such as digital animation and fashion design. School-based apprenticeships allow students to begin their apprenticeships while still at school, while school-based trainees complete their traineeship during this time.

Uni students

It’s not unusual for students to realise that uni isn’t their ideal environment during the first year of studying, but that doesn’t have to mean that a degree is out of the picture. TAFE NSW also offers degrees as part of their vocational training, and these courses are generally more focused towards gaining practical skills in specific industry areas, teachers boasting current industry experience, and highlighting opportunities for internships and work-placement. Courses include a Bachelor of Applied Commerce, Bachelor of Design (Interior Design), and Bachelor of Early Childhood and Care. Semester 2 commences July 30 and applications for this intake close on June 22, so be sure to move quick so you don’t have to wait until next year. Sus ‘em out here.

Anything else

Sometimes you defer uni or embark on a gap year only to have your travel plans cut short due to financial or personal issues, and you can end up bumming around at home waiting for life to start again next year. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, ‘cause TAFE NSW has heaps of courses for you to gain useful qualifications without having to wait to go to uni. Look through their course list here and you may find something suited to your interests – like a Diploma of Photography that can take as short as 24 months, or Cert IV in Screen and Media that can be done in 17 months.

TAFE NSW also offer over 500 short courses that range from a few hours to several months. They’re a great way to test out a passion or kickstart a new career direction, to plug skill gaps in your field or to upskill in general, or even to fill in some when you’re feeling bored and listless.

If you want to know what courses TAFE NSW has that could match your interests, pop your deets in here and someone will be in touch to chat you through what’s on offer.


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