The tools we use to find our stuff varies depending on what we’re looking for. When I can’t find the splinter in my finger, I’ll use a magnifying glass. In a rush we tend to ask our friends to help us find something. During times of crisis, the first call is always to mum – still mystifying how she knows where everything is at all times. And when I can’t find the answer my phone is really the most convenient.

harry potter

The tools for figuring out your future aren’t exactly that easy. We feel that truth. Planning a trip is simple: pick a destination, book a flight, pack your bags, and let’s get out of here. But it’s never that easy when deciding the next step in a series of decisions for where you’ll end up. If I could tell Year 12 me anything, it’s that mum will almost always know where I’ve left my car keys, but not necessarily where I’ll want to be in five years.


Thinking about your future might feel daunting, but it’s not as unimaginable as you’d believe. You won’t be associated with your ATAR scores for life but it might effect where you decide to attend university now. The bigger picture is always more important and sometimes it’s difficult to see that when you’re options seem bleak. They aren’t, by the way – that’s yet another piece of information I would have liked to pass onto previous versions of myself. Your future is as bright as you want it to be because you’re options are endless. You don’t need a magnifying glass to see that.


You might be confused about where you’d like to study, but I’m sure you have some idea where you’d like to end up. You might need to take a different pathway than the original plan you’d mapped out, but ultimately you’ll be better for it and the destination will be the same. You’re going to earn an incredible degree from one of the top universities Australia has to offer because you’ve set your sights on that degree.

It’s hard to see the bumps in the road when all you’ve been staring at is the destination, but those bumps might turn into the best blessings in disguise you never anticipated. Be open to your options; some advice from me to you.


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