If you haven’t got a job, you’re missing out. Here are 10 perks of having your own dosh to throw around:

1. You wont have to rely on your ‘rents for cash

Say goodbye to begging mum for some cash before you go out with your friends and having to mow the learn to earn some extra dollars. Having your own money means you can spend it on whatever you want without trying to convince your parents it’s for a good cause.

2. No more saying no

Gone are the days of your mates asking you out and you having to say no because you’re low on funds. Earning your own money means you wont be caught short when something good comes up.

Plus, you’ll finally be able to buy all the things your parents couldn’t/wouldn’t get for you (Macbook Air I’m looking at you).

3. More travel

Earning your own cash means you’ll be another step closer to travelling. Whether you want to road trip up and down the coast of Aus, jump on a plane and head overseas on a contiki tour or backpack your way around Europe- earning your own money will make it happen.

4. No more public transport

So long to packed buses and standing for hours on the train. Earning your own money means you’ll be able to start getting enough cash together to ditch public transport and get your own car.

5. Get out of home

Look, it’s probably not going to happen straight away but earning your own moolah means that moving out of home becomes a real option. Yeah, you’re probably not going to be jumping into buying a house any time soon. But renting and moving in with your mates or even affording campus accommodation if you’re at uni will be on the cards.

6. Maccas feeds/eating out

Earing your own money opens up the world of eating out. You’ll finally have some disposable income to spend on food and Maccas feeds are calling your name. Mum’s cooking can wait and you’ll finally be able to buy lunch on takeaway Tuesday’s instead of bringing something from home everyday.

7. Date nights

Date nights won’t be confined to a night in watching movies on someone else’s Netflix account (although this is actually a pretty good way to spend a night in). You’ll be able to afford to head out into the world instead of spending every Friday and Saturday night at home.

8. Netflix

When your mate who’s paying for the Netflix account you’re using finally changes the password/cancels his subscription/tells you to stop scabbing and pay for your own damn account you’ll be able to fork out the cash to start your own subscription and keep binge watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Orange Is the New Black.

9. Savings for big purchases

A solid piece of advice that you’ve probably heard from you parents more than once. But starting a savings account early, and not spending it on day to day expenses (think maccas feeds or petrol) means while all your mates are struggling to scrape enough coins together for an overseas trip or a new laptop, you’ll have a handy little pile of savings to dip in to (warning: do not confuse these savings with your emergency fund).

10. Emergency fund

Again, something your parents have probably told you a million times but earning your own money will mean you can put aside some cash into a savings account for emergencies only. You’ll thank yourself when your car rego is due at the same time as insurance or when your uni course demands you buy ten brand new textbooks.