They say that your uni years are the best you’ll ever have in your life but no one tells you how bloody broke you'll end up. 

Exxy textbooks, overpriced coffees, parking passes and travel card top ups all sum up a broke uni student. You also gotta chuck this on top of your regular expenses of petrol, your phone plan, Netflix account and even rent. Plus there's the the giant debt that you're racking up; while it's probably the best loan you'll ever have, it's pretty normal to feel like your finances are completely out of your control.

The struggle is real and being a broke uni student isn’t ideal. But hey, when we’re strapped for cash, we manage to make it work.

1. We drink goon and Little Fat Lamb

If we’re gonna spend money on booze, we might as well drink the cheap stuff. A 4L bag of goon is viable option, particularly Fruity Lexia.

If you don’t appreciate the beauty that is goon, consider the variety of flavours offered by Little Fat Lamb. It’s cheap and deadly as a 1.25L bottle is a whopping eight standard drinks. To be honest, it doesn’t taste all that bad either.

As much as we complain about having little to no money, we’re always keen to have a bevvie and go out. Just expect us to get absolutely plastered at pres so we don’t have to buy drinks at the club.

2. We choose cheap food options

When we can’t afford that big Maccas feed, we stick to the old faithful Mi Goreng. Cheap and effective and just what you want when you’re livin’ life on a budget. Chuck in an egg to make it feel like your education isn't stripping away your ability to afford a nutritious meal.

When friends want to go out, we know it's probably going to leave a big hole in the bank account. There's ways to avoid this though: eat at home so you don't need to fork out for a massive meal, see if a friend wants to split with you and avoid ordering alcohol where possible. Never fall for the trap of evenly splitting the bill around the table–you shouldn't have to pay for the beers or cocktails that have been drunk like water.

You might be worried that your friends are going to judge you for your stinginess but if they're really your mates they'll understand that you're broke and just appreciate your company.

3. We keep our coins and use them wisely

By wisely, I mean we scrape together enough five and ten cent pieces so we can afford that surprisingly delicious $1 coffee from 7 Eleven and we have no shame when it comes to counting out coins if it means we can keep our debit card safely tucked away.

Don’t judge us when we don’t tell cashiers to keep the change. We need it.

Being a broke uni student isn’t all that bad. Yeah, we’re broke but we go out there and make the most of it. We may seem stingy, but we’re just savvy savers.