What’s it all about?

Studying law will provide you with the power to change our world and significantly help people through difficult periods of their lives. Studying law opens the door to a wide range of career opportunities, and will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce.

Will it suit me?

Do you have a strong sense of justice? Do you have a keen eye for detail? Do you have an interest in the legal system? Then pursuing a degree in the field of law might be for you. There are plenty of specialisations within the field of law, so you can combine your passion with your career.

What will I learn?

The base level qualification in the field of law is a Bachelor of Laws. This degree will cover a basic introduction to legal studies along with specialised knowledge in areas such as criminal law, commercial and private law, constitutional law, international commercial law, human rights, urban and rural legal practice, public international law practice and family law.

How long will the course last?

Bachelor Degree: usually four years full-time or part-time equivalent; however there are some universities who offer a 3-year degree, meaning you’ll graduate and get into the workforce sooner.

What will I earn?

The median weekly earnings for solicitors is A$1,600 (Job Outlook).

What careers will there be for me?

Career opportunities are available in the public service sector, government, politics, non-government organisations and private enterprise. Popular job opportunities include lawyer, barrister and solicitor.

What is Fee-Help or HECS?

Did you know the FEE-HELP / HECS scheme allows you to study now and pay for a course later? The great thing about FEE-HELP / HECS  is that you don’t have to make any re-payments until you have a job and your income reaches a certain level, which for the 2014 / 15 income year is $53,345.

What’s for me?

That is precisely the difference with Year13.  We work with over 30 course providers who will find out what you have always wanted to do and find the best course and provider to suit your study needs.

Whether you are studying part time, full time, online, or in a classroom our course advisors will find the best fit to suit your needs.