Karl Stefanovic is a modern day hero that Australia deserves. The man should be given the keys to parliament house and lead us into any battle. The passionate Queenslander is never afraid to voice his opinion, and more often than not he’s speaking our in our favour.

“As school goes back across Australia, I have something to say about homework. Firstly I don’t believe kids should be doing any homework in primary school. Load them up during school hours but let them be kids. Let them climb walls and sometimes fall off. Build paper planes and break the neighbours windows with half taped tennis balls.

But that’s not my real beef. More importantly stop sending kids home from school with homework they clearly can’t do. The sort of homework that involves constructing a suspension bridge. Using recycled toilet paper. I’m not an engineer and three ply is expensive. Besides I want to play Fifa 15 soccer with my boys and and teach my daughter the finer points of the high beam on the weekends. Quality time. Also I don’t know how to create a computer program. That’s for Apple or Google or whatever. And I don’t know how to write a four minute speech in Mandarin. Forget Ni hao, I don’t know how.

So as we start the year i’m reminded of that great pink Floyd song. Hey teacher leave us kids alone. What i’m saying is, hey teacher leave us parents alone”

Seriously. Can’t we get Karl to goanna wrestle Tony Abbott for the keys to the head office?

Hat’s off to ya, Karl.