Thailand is known as a travellers “mecca” in Southeast Asia as it attracts tourists from all around the world searching for something more beautiful and something more exciting. It’s a majestic land with a fascinating culture, a well-preserved ecosystem and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. While in Thailand you’ll never fall short of exciting activities to indulge in; you can eat the finest street food that Southeast Asia has to offer, take a bath in the crystal-clear blue waters of the ocean or engage your cultural dreams and tour the city to marvel at the monuments, museums, and palaces found all over the Kingdom of Thailand.  If you want a vacation that provides the best of both worlds, East meets West, and old versus new, then Thailand is your best bet.

The Best Destinations of Thailand

The country is exotic, safe and fully equipped with every modern amenity you’ll ever need; all the ingredients for a world-class vacation. The affordability of Thailand doesn’t mean that it offers cheap thrills and low-grade attractions; it instead provides more value for your money with topnotch backpacking sites and some of the best luxury hotels in all of Asia, a culture and history that’s in essence “Thai”, for lack of a better term. The people of Thailand are fun-seekers who follow the “sanuk” lifestyle of carefree abandon, which is exactly the kind of attitude travellers adopt when exploring the far reaches of the world.


Bangkok’s claim to fame mostly rests on its ability to provide visitors with a furious assault on all of their senses. The city offers every last convenience you’d expect out of a bustling urban jungle. From a crazy shopping district to adrenaline pumping theme parks; this non stop destination is embedded with an array of tropical plants that brings this concrete jungle to life. Amongst all of this Bangkok offers the whole of Thailand with saffron-robed monks, shrines, museums, theaters, concert halls, skyscrapers, bars, restaurants, garish neon signs, spicy dishes, colourful markets and so forth. Tradition mingles with modernity in this fine, archetypal Asian capital.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai competes with the hyperactive intensity of the Thailand capital of Bangkok by being a culturally and historically engaging city. It was founded way back in 1296 AD and at one point served as the ancient Lanna Kingdom’s capital. It has survived since then to become a top tourist attraction, heritage site and historical relic of sorts. To be sure, Chiang Mai is overflowing with authentic Thai culture that needs to be seen and experienced in order to be believed. If you have ever wanted to travel back in time, Chiang Mai offers this experience through exciting river journeys, ecological tours and rides atop elephants. Perfect isolation has helped preserve the city’s cultural history that provides any traveller with a glimpse into the beautiful ancient Thai Kingdom.

Southern Islands

The Southern Islands of Thailand have a lot to offer the thousands of young travellers who desire a slice of Asian tropical heaven.  Ko Tao or Turtle Island is an amazing beach destination full of the trappings of seashore paradise with some of the cheapest and spectacular diving destinations the world has to offer, alongside this the Ko Samui Island of the Surat Thani Province, that encapsulates breathtaking beach front villas with a wild night life.

As for the Phi Phi Islands, it’s a collection of isles that provide beaches of all shapes and forms within Thailand’s picturesque beaches. These islands were made famous by Leonardo Dicaprio in “The Beach”. If you have not watched it, do that and you’ll be on the next flight out.

Finally, the infamous Ko Phangan is a Gulf of Thailand island located in the Surat Thani Province that has become famous for being a backpacker’s go-to adventure site because of its full-moon party at Haad Rin Beach.

Floating Markets

In Bangkok there are numerous floating markets where you can sail your way through a bunch of stalls where your goods are purchased from the comfort of your canoe and delivered straight to you. The most famous one amongst tourists is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi Province. The floating markets make for a fascinating insight into true Thai culture.

Monk blessing

To top off a great Thai adventure you can visit a Buddhist temple and be blessed by a monk. The blessing is one that is said to bring you good luck, kindness, charm success in all aspects of life, protection against evil spirits and banishment of bad luck. Probably all the things you need after a great vacation.