Once you’ve ditched your school uniform and started your uni degree, things will begin to change. And no, getting to wear mufti everyday isn’t one of ‘em.

1. You’re going to be poor

You’ve got exxy textbooks, overpriced campus coffee, constant travel card top-ups and, of course, the retail therapy that comes when you finish that dreaded assignment. Your bank account is gonna be lookin’ a lil’ sad and it’s inevitable. It’ll defs help a bunch if you know how to budget properly and make some cheap cuts.

2. You’ve got no time to chill

When you’re not spending your precious time at uni, you’re going to be studying, getting on top of readings and trudging through assignments. All the while, you’re trying to juggle work, your social life and just straight up kickin’ back with what little time uni has left you.

3. You’re forced to come out of your shell

Icebreakers, presentations and group work are inevitable. You’re going to be social with unfamiliar faces. You’re not alone though, everyone around you is feelin’ the same way–bloody nervy.

4. You become a caffeine addict

Coffee and Redbull will be your new best friend at uni. They’ll wake you up for that bright and early 8am lecture and simultaneously kick you into gear for the all-nighter you’re about to pull to finish an assignment.

5. You and your mates will drift apart

All of your schedules are gonna be choc-a-bloc and it’s more than likely that you’ll have to organise catch up with three weeks’ notice. When session ends though you’ll have more freedom to hang out and catch up on what you’ve missed on your ten week study bender.

6. You’re not gonna care how you look anymore

After spending the whole first week of uni serving looks and dressing to the nine’s, you’re going to realise everyone around you is wearing trackies, uggs or slides. Unless you’ve got a uni crush, who is there to impress? Comfort for life, friends.

7. You’ll be a night-owl

Whether you like it or not, your bed time will be later than 1am. You’ll have content to catch up on, assignments to smash out and readings to do. By the time you hop into bed, it’ll be time to wake up and start your day.

Not all changes are bad. It’ll take some time to adjust to the uni life, and for sure a lot of self-restraint to avoid falling victim to caffeine addiction but other changes will make you a better person and appreciate how precious time is.