Drop everything. I’m serious, drop what you’re eating, drop the tv remote, drop your dacks, drop everything except the device you’re reading this on because we have found the gap year to top aaaall gap years.

Year13 are teaming up with travel experts and professional party connoisseurs Stoke Travel to offer the European trip of a bloody lifetime. They’re giving you guys the chance to travel around Europe in the best way they know how – hopping from one incredible Euro festival to another, partying the day away while working with Stoke’s digital team to create content for their site and socials, gaining super valuable experience in writing, social media and video creation.

We know a job opportunity and a festival party tour don’t traditionally sound like they would go hand-in-hand, but the Stoke Travel guys know how to take the two best parts of a gap year and mash them together in one insane, whirlwind trip. That’s why this is for sure the Greatest Gap Year on Earth.

What can I win?

The winner of the Greatest Gap Year on Earth will score a MASSIVE prize pack that includes:

  • 1 x return airfare to Europe
  • A job with Stoke Travel for the 2019 European tour
  • Accommodation at Stoke HQ and at all festivals and tours
  • Free food and booze at all Stoke festivals
  • Entry into all Stoke festivals and parties
  • Transfers to and from Stoke festivals

So, what will I be doing?

Basically, the winner of the Greatest Gap Year on Earth will jet off to Barcelona to begin an incredible job with the loose kind folk at Stoke Travel. As Stoke staff, you’ll be jumping from one famous Euro festival to the other and covering all the events, parties and trip tours that happen along the way. You’ll do this by keeping a travel blog and writing articles, as well as helping create videos of all the shenanigans that go down.

The job is unpaid, but you will have the majority of your expenses entirely covered for you, including flights to and from Europe, travel to and from the festivals and all festival and party entry costs, accommodation at Stoke HQ in Barcelona as well as all accommodation, meals and booze while you’re on site at Stoke events and fezzies. You’ll be getting heaps of experience in digital content creation and the job could certainly open a door to a full-time opportunity for the right person.

Which festivals will I be going to?

You’ll start off at Stoked in the Park on the 14th June in London and finish up with a stein of beer in hand at Oktoberfest in Munich. In between, there’s a whole host of events including the Ibiza Beach Camp, the San Vino Wine Fight, La Tomatina (aka. that festival where you peg tomatoes at strangers), the Pamplona Bull Run, and more.

If you want to continue travelling Europe after your time with Stoke is up, that’s totally sweet – just let them know and they’ll help to work out a return flight when you’re ready to head home.

What goes down at Stoke HQ?

When you’re not onsite at festivals, you’ll usually be hanging out at Stoke HQ in Barcelona, where you’ll be mingling with the rest of the Stoke team, attending events and parties, writing articles and working with other bunch of other creative minds to come up with awesome content. This isn’t your average office gig – HQ is a super chill and fun environment where there’s always something going on. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of coming home with a heap of experience you can chuck on your resume.

What else does Stoke do?

Stoke Travel have some crazy amazing tours available for people looking to travel in Europe. If you’re into festivals then you definitely need to check out the Stoke Passport, which will get you into four amazing Euro fezzies for the price of three, covering your accomm and most of your food while you’re there too. Plus, you have two years to use the passport, so you can head to the festivals at your own pace. There’re heaps of events to choose from, suss out the Passport and Stoke’s other tours and parties over here.