ATARs are in. All the blood, sweat and tears that came with your final year of school have boiled down into that one number, which is meant to determine your fate for next year. A lot of you might be looking at that number thinking what now? But before you start freaking yourself out that your dreams of going to uni are dashed, let us talk about the University of Canberra’s guaranteed entry option.

We get that not knowing what you’re doing next year can be pretty stressful, which is where guaranteed entry comes in. Rather than waiting for the regular round offers, if you meet UC’s guaranteed entry cut off, you’ll be offered a place to study at UC in 2018.

There’s a lot of perks to guaranteed entry. It gives you a head start on getting things sorted for next year, like figuring out your new work schedule or moving. Guaranteed entry gives you the time to sort out your accommodation options, apply for scholarships and basically just get everything ready to start studying. Plus, while everyone else is freaking out, you can relax because you know you’ve got a place waiting for you in your course.

To do it, you just need to check if you make the selection rank for you course (your selection rank is your ATAR plus all your bonus point) put UC as your number one preference and keep an eye out for an email saying that you have a guaranteed place- easy peasy!

That’s cool, I hear you saying, but what if I still don’t make the selection rank?

That’s where UC really looks after you to make sure you can get into the course you want to study and they have a couple of other options to help you out.

1. UC College

The UC College gives you the pathway to a full degree. You have the option of completing a Diploma, which will give you the introduction to the full degree you want to study or, you can do one of their bridging programs to get your study skills up to scratch and qualify for uni.

2. Portfolio entry

This option is available for UC’s Faculty of Arts and Design, specifically their Creative Practice and Arts degrees. Even if you didn’t make the entry mark, you can still apply for admission by submitting a portfolio.

3. Have a chat

If you’re still feeling super confused and not sure what options are available for you then UC can give you some expert advice. They have dedicated staff to answer all your questions, so just give them a call on 1800 864 226 and they’ll help you sort you plans out.

So, take a deep breath and don’t stress if you didn’t get the ATAR you wanted because UC has you covered. Plus, you can head here and they’ll help you out with the whole process of picking the perfect uni for you. They know you’re super stressed and that finishing high school is a big deal, so they’re there to look after you through the whole thing.


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