What’s it all about?

Aviation jobs for both men and women could see you responsible for controlling and operating some of the fastest aircraft in the skies. Aviation is all about getting from point A to B in a much faster way and, in some cases, shooting down a couple of targets along the way.

Will it suit me?

If you like the idea of adventure, engines, aerodynamics and speed this very well could be the ideal career choice. Aviation offers people with all sorts of aspirations, skill sets and backgrounds a wide range of opportunities and career paths. You’ll have the chance to work on some of the most technologically advance machines in the world that are quite simply built to leave people gasping. You can find yourself at the forefront of modern warfare tactics to fixing the key components on the next Sydney to New York 747 flight.

What will I learn?

Your Aviation training will be made up of both theory and practical work at TAFE or college, and on the job. Depending on which path within aviation you choose to pursue, this involves learning about how and why aircrafts work the way they do all the way to which component is fitted where in order to have the aircraft perform successfully.

How long will it last and what is the wage?

As with most other apprenticeships, it will take you 4 years to become qualified within the Aviation industry, and longer if you want to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or specialise in other Aviation fields.
A 1st year apprentice will make around $280 a week, $390 a week in the 2nd year, $530 a week in the 3rd year, and around $630 a week in the 4th year of your training.

What careers will there be for me and what will I earn?

When you’ve made the grade, you’re liable to earn anywhere from $950 for entry level positions up to $1300 for those working in specialised industries. You can set up your own business as a sole trader or employ others to work for you, and earn up to $250,000 a year depending on whether you do private work or score big contracts with companies.