If you constantly find yourself being called the mum of the group and always end up shepherding your mates to safety on a night out, a career in Early Childhood Education might be right up your alley (bear with me on the comparison).

With your friends, you’re always looking out for what’s best for them and explaining basic movie plots to the inattentive. With kids, you would be teaching them basic concepts of the universe whilst nurturing them to reach their very best. Pretty much the same thing, right?

Working in early childhood education and care also means you get to work with children all day instead of dealing with boring, jaded adults sending empty emails full of office jargon.

Sure, kids can’t always communicate their feelings to you succinctly but they’re bright sparks of positive energy and even when they’re annoying, they’re adorable.

Plus, between your infinite patience and skills learnt during your qualification, you’ll be incredibly prepared to take on the challenge head on.

The Australian Careers Business College (ACBC) is there to help kickstart your career in this dream gig. Their Diploma of Early Childhood & Care doesn’t have any ATAR requirements, so you don’t need to spend your final years of high school stressing out over a piece of paper.

You just need commitment and passion towards your field and, if you’ve made it this far into the article then there must be something in it for you.

Studying at ACBC means you’ll be studying towards a nationally recognised diploma qualification. It’s a course that involves both classroom learning and loads of practical hours working at a real early childhood education centre.

This way you won’t just be learning the theory, you’ll be getting the skills that are actually needed once you land a job.

This qualification is a great way to get a start in this industry. You’ll be ready to take on some responsibility at a centre and it serves as a solid base to work towards staff supervisor, service coordinator, and centre manager roles.

There’s even the option to pursue a university degree afterwards with heaps of places accepting your completion of a diploma as a course requirement.

You can also be eligible for course recognition and start your degree in the second year rather than repeating the same first year subjects and, if you decide to drop out of uni, you still have a nationally recognised diploma qualification that qualifies you to work as a staff supervisor, service coordinator and centre manager.

The work of an early childhood educator is super challenging, rewarding and impressive. ACBC has all the knowledge and expertise to make you highly qualified and sought after in the field.

If this sounds like the type of career you’d be keen on, you can get more info here.