Every now and then we tell our friends a little white lie. Whether we’re cancelling on plans, running late or trying to save someone’s feelings, it’s normal to avoid the truth a little bit when you’re talking to your friends. Here are some of the common ones:

1. We should catch up soon

Face it, you’re never going to catch up. You might message each other occasionally asking when the other one is free but your schedules will never quite match up, or someone will have exams or there will be a busy time at work. It’s a lie that we make ourselves believe because we really should catch up soon, but the reality? It’s never going to happen.

2. Uni is going great

This is only true during semester breaks. For the other 95% of your uni life you will constantly have a back log of lectures, readings and assessments to catch up on. You won’t be able to do anything fun without stressing about something that’s due that you haven’t started yet and you’ll wonder if anyone ever actually starts an essay early. You can never find parking when you decide to drive to campus, public transport is a joke and you’re avoiding any and all classes where attendance isn’t marked. But thanks for asking Nan- uni is going great!

3. You look good in that photo

This happens when your group squashes together to get a squad photo, maybe at someone’s 18th or on the last day of school. One person will insist on posting the snap even though your eyes are closed and it looks like you have a pimple the size of Mt Everest on your chin. Your mate will try to convince you that ‘you look good in that photo!’ but you know that they’re thinking about it how many likes they’ll rake in. Their incessant pleas to post it will eventually make you cave and you’ll see the photo upload to insta and facebook within minutes- unlucky.

4. I’m just having one drink

This lie is told at the start of the night but will inevitably end up with the person hunched over a toilet throwing their guts up. After the first drink any thoughts of having to get up early in the morning or heading home to do an assignment will be forgotten.

5. I’m five mins away

Whoever tells you this lie probably hasn’t even gotten out of bed yet. Other variations include, ‘I’m leaving now’, ‘just got out of the shower’ and ‘I’m nearly ready’. Expect to wait at least another half an hour (probably more) for them because they’re not going to be there any time soon.


image credit: jacqueamyrowe

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