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Jackaroo & Jillaroo Gap Year

What’s a Jackaroo or Jillaroo? Working on outback farms, ranches and stations for a few weeks, a few months, or a year, in return for room, meals, a little pocket money. This is what a ‘Jackaroo’ or ‘Jillaroo’...
Year 13 Uni vs school

Teaching English In France

Immerse yourself fully into the real and rich French culture while improving your linguistic skills and those of your host family. This experience is about gaining insight into the French lifestyle and developi...
Monk & Brother

Teaching Nepalese Monks

Gap year programs continue thanks to the contributions of people like you who want to teach your language and embrace all that makes the culture of your location come to life. In Nepal, you will teach English t...
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Paid Teaching Gap Year in China

What is a Paid Teaching Gap Year in China? This teaching gap year is the chance for ambitious and adventurous people who want to experience the real China to become an integral part of school life in China by ...

Thailand Childcare Help

What is a Thailand Childcare Help gap year? Everyone advocates for better opportunities for developing countries, however it tends to come from individuals enjoying the lumps in their couches. Becoming a child...

Cambodia Orphanage Help

What is a Cambodia Orphanage Help gap year? Have you ever been somewhere or seen something that you thought you could change for the better? Do you think school is important, but have a positive attitude you t...

Thailand Elephant Village Experience

What is an Elephant Volunteer gap year? Elephants are my favourite animals! They are the most incredibly smart, loyal, and beautiful animals that deserve more credit in the animal kingdom than they receive. In...

China Giant Panda Conservation

What is a Conservation Volunteer gap year? This big bad world of ours isn't just made up of us and them. What's that mean? It means you need to remember to give back to this planet that supports you, and if yo...

Ultimate Lion Cubs Experience

What is a Lion Cubs volunteer gap year? Maybe you've had a messy roommate, but have you ever lived with an actual animal? A creature that needed you to feed it, care for it, and play with it? Something that wa...

Thailand Building Volunteers

What is a Building Volunteer gap year? Volunteering is a great way to invest in your career and your community. When you volunteer, you share your time and skills with people and organizations without expectin...

Turtle Conservation

What is a Turtle Conservation gap year? It's 'gnnaarrrrllllyyyy duuuudddeee'. It really is. The aim of the project is to help protect and preserve some natural nesting sites for sea turtles that do not hold an...

ADF Gap Year

What’s an ADF Gap Year? The ADF Gap Year program provides an opportunity for young Australians, who have finished year 12 (or equivalent) and are aged between 17 and 24*, to experience military training and li...