What’s child care about?

Child care training and courses deal with taking care and helping children, dealing with children’s issues and children’s education. From babies to teenagers, working in schools, day care and other institutions, you will be contributing to society in a way that helps everyone. As the saying goes, the children are our future.

Will child care suit me?

If you love the wee little tykes and everything about them, if you’re a Mary Poppins or if you want to set up a Daddy Day Care, this could be your playground. You will need to be dedicated to the service and education of children, be genuinely interested in children’s lives, and be active, energetic and patient.

What will I learn from working in child care?

Working in child care is about so much more than being a glorified babysitter. You’ll learn about:

  • early childhood psychology
  • child behaviour
  • activities and education
  • practical care giving
  • laws, regulations, standards and codes of conduct
  • special needs

You can get basic qualifications with certificates, diplomas, or even a degree if you want to go all the way.

You can get you started with qualifications training in:
o    Certificate III in Children’s Services
o    Certificate IV in Children’s Services (Outside School Hours Care)
o    Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)
o    Diploma of Children’s Services (Outside School Hours Care)

This can take you all the way through to getting further training through a university degree and a career in child care. Enquire now and we can get you started in the child care industry.

How long will child care training last and what is the wage?

A full child care training course you will take 3 or 4 years to do. You can also do certificates which specialise in certain areas or give you basic training, which can be completed in sections and at your own pace. The wage will average from $230 a week in the beginning if you’re just leaving school without any other experience or skills. It’s up to $500 a week for older and more qualified apprentices or trainees.

What careers will there be for me and what will I earn?

You can become:

  • a child care worker in a day care centre
  • run a day care or after hours care centre
  • be an educator or teacher in all different kinds of schools
  • work in childhood or youth organisations
  • work for non-profit or charity child services or government departments
  • run activity programs for children and youths
  • or work privately for individuals or companies.

As a care worker in a day centre you can earn $550 – $750 a week on an average wage. In government departments you can earn up to $1000 a week. If you run your own business or program, then your career in child care may profit you $50,000 – $100,000 a year. This is an industry in desperate need, so you’ve got a career which will provide for many years to come.

Child Care (Traineeship)


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