What’s it all about?

The construction and carpentry trades are closely related and classed within the same industry. They’re both about building, constructing and making things.

Will it suit me?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, as long as you are physically fit, a hard worker, practical in nature, enjoy manual skills and labour, have a logical and analytical mind with good problem solving ability, have done alright in maths at school and have some co-ordination, can work supervised or take initiative, and don’t mind being outdoors sometimes.
You have to have completed schooling to at least Year 10, and then have completed Certificate III in construction, and an OHS Induction White Card at TAFE. You can sometimes enrol in school programs to attain the equivalent while you’re in Years 11 and 12, or you can wait to do your certificates when you leave Year 12.

What will I learn?

In a construction trade industry apprenticeship, there will be theory and book learning, exams and assignments, but teachers will try to make it as quick and painless as possible, with lots of hands-on and practical work too. You’ll learn all about the equipment and tools and how to use them, make furniture, build houses and construct all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions. By the end of your training you’ll have learned what’s needed to produce quality workmanship and make sure all work is carried out safely and built to last. You’ll also get some inside knowledge on the business side of things, just so you understand how it all works.

How long will it last and what is the wage?

A construction apprenticeship will take most people 4 years to finish, and depending on your progress with learning and how good you get while doing the course, you will earn from  $8 to $15 per hour while training. The quicker you learn and the better you work, the bigger chance you have of getting a pay rise. Just know, the industry award pay rate is still set within this range.

What careers will there be for me and what will I earn?

Some crafty tradespeople like the idea of working on building and construction sites. Others want to get involved in the business side of things. A few get creative, working in the film or television industry designing and making props. Some work with stages or big rigs. Yet others build furniture or renovate places for a living.
Once you become qualified in the construction or carpentry trades, you have the potential to earn some very good money. A building and construction worker can earn from $1100 – $1300 a week. The hours may be long and you’ll have an early start in most jobs! If you’re ambitious and want to become a foreman or forewoman, that wage could become a $200,000 a year salary! If you own your own company, you could be profiting $250,000 – $1,000,000 a year!

Why Year13?

Year13 work with companies across the country that don’t require you to have any minimum year 12 grades, or university admission scores. Our apprenticeships pages are here so that you look at all your options, and connect with real employers. With constant mentor support, access to all the material you need, and various government funding available, it’s the easiest option for anyone wanting to get into the construction world.