Travelling can broaden your horizons, rejuvenate your soul and show you what a small place you occupy in this world. It can be an insightful and unforgettable journey and something that changes the way you see everyone and everything around you.

The thing is, the best adventures can leave you feeling a little lost when you return to the daily grind.

Whether you’ve taken a dip in the Caribbean, drank more than your weight in Thailand or rummaged the streets of Tokyo for the best ramen, here are some tips to cure the inevitable post travel slump that’ll hit you when you have to return to your regular life, which is never quite as sparkly as your trip away.

1. Be prepared to feel blue

It’s hard to come to terms with your trip ending. It’s even worse when you’re finally home and you see that pile of laundry you neglected to do before leaving.

But from personal experience, once you return you just need to accept that it’s okay to feel a lil’ blue. It becomes easier once you tell yourself that that’s just how you’re going to feel for a little while, things will change and pretty soon, you’ll be loving life back home.

2. Avoid immediately booking another trip

Often people don’t warn you about the intensity of the travel bug. Once it bites, it stings. A lot. Once you return, your first instinct may be to hop online and book another flight across the globe. It certainly was mine and I ended up in America in the following months.

But be wary while under the influence of the travel bug! It’s important to rest, build up some funds and appreciate home for a while. Pop in and say hey to Nan before getting on that flight to Europe!

3. Go through your photos

This can be quite a hit-or-miss tip. On one hand, it may lead you into a spiral of sadness while you think about how great your trip was.

On the other hand, you may reminisce on happy and gleeful memories when you see certain pictures from your travels. Hopefully the latter.

If you return from your travels with a camera (disposable or digital)– go and get them developed or printed! Seeing the pictures physically may remind you of the excitement and energy that exudes from an unknown place. Even post a cheeky throwback pic’ on the gram. It may provide you some closure.

4. Make some changes in your life

Whether you found your true self in a Cambodian rice field or had an epiphany whilst drunk munching on Gyros in Greece, travelling can be life-changing. So, it can be quite a let-down when you return home to the same old life that you had left behind. Everyone is doing the same things, in the same little town even though you feel like a completely different person.

To combat this, spice up your life a little. Make some changes, small or big. Join a gym. Start a novel (and don’t stress about never finishing it). Learn a language. Practice baking your favourite cake and learn to nail a stir fry. Spend more time exploring home and sussing out some cafes, shops and pubs.

Every little change you make can help you get over the post-travelling blues and make life seem a little less grey.

5. Create a bucket list or add to it

I left this tip last, and for good reason. Once you return from your travels, the travel bug is in full effect. It can make you do some crazy shit. Instead of focusing on when you’ll be escaping next, create a bucket list. If you already have one, add to it.

This is a way to instil some structure back into your life. It also allows you to be aware of the things you want to do with your life. All your desires are on a list right in front of you.

I can almost guarantee that on your bucket list you’ve added a new destination to explore.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on saving and planning for the next adventure.