Australian Guild of Music Education

Bachelor of Music Course Code: CRS1201245

Full-time & Part-time
On Campus or Online
FEE-HELP Approved

What will the Bachelor of Music provide?

The program of study will provide students with acquired cognitive, technical, and communication attributes with knowledge and skills required for their effective performance as Teachers of music in Private Practice and Schools, Public Performance, Sound Engineering and Composers.

Course structure

Subjects include:

  • Performance (Solo, Ensemble, Choir and Conducting)
  • Orchestration (Instrumentation, Composition, Arranging, Improvisation)
  • Musicianship (Theory and Aural Development)
  • Music Technology (Sequencing/Recording, Notation and MIDI, Internet Music, Instructional Media)
  • Music Education (Teaching Principles and Lesson planning)
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Business administration and planning
  • History of Music

What skills will you learn

The course will develop professional skills at both performance and teaching levels. Candidates will acquire skills that will allow them to participate in Performance and will allow them to participate in Concerts, Recitals and Group Work, which will assist them to develop all the skills required for them to attain their full potential.

Pathways upon completion

The following outcomes could result:

  • Entry into an honours degree & post graduate courses (Masters)
  • Private performance engagements
  • Group, band, disco work and or orchestra work
  • Nightclub, Hotel and Licensed premises engagements
  • Television and radio engagements
  • Teaching in schools as a staff instrumental teacher
  • Private teaching practice
  • School teaching, either as an Itinerant or specialist teacher
  • Employment in a Music department, studio or school
  • Employment in computer outlets related to MIDI and Musical equipment
  • Employment in software outlets in relation to musical software
  • Private engagements as a computer music consultant.

In addition to specific music-related skills, graduates will also have secured an excellent grounding in historical analysis, philosophical reflection and research skills.

In summary the overall outcome is that a student graduates as a professional musician having attained the professional standard and ability to perform at an adequate level for admittance to professional organisations such as Musicians Union etc.


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