One of the worst things about finishing high school is being faced with the magnitude of opportunities out there. Deciding on one thing you want to do can be pretty tough, especially when you’re terrified about being locked into one pathway for the next five-or-so years.

When you’ve spent the last couple of years studying and doing the hard slog of exams and assignments, you might not even know what the hell you want to do which is why it’s super important to get out and try things before you commit to something.

Our mates at Patricks Careers Academy (PCA) know that you want to keep your options open for as long as possible and are giving you the chance to try out their hospo and business courses.

First up, who is PCA?

PCA have been doing this for almost 100 years longer than any other college in NSW. They offer diplomas in areas from business, health, marketing and hospo. Their nationally recognised qualifications get you trained up with all the theory and practical experience you need to actually land a job (most students are even offered a job before they finish studying).

There’s some pretty massive perks to studying at PCA– most diplomas can be done in a year, they have an amazing placement rate (95-100% of graduates land full time gigs or go into uni when they finish studying with PCA) and you don’t need an ATAR to apply.

Sound like something you’d be keen to look into?

Whether you know what you want to do when your marks come out or you’re still looking for options, heading along to the PCA taster days is a pretty good idea.

They’re running days for hospo and business (both top notch qualifications) and you can have a look at the campus, meet the staff and ask any questions you’ve been holding onto. It’s a completely free, no pressure way to try the courses out plus, you’ll get a free lunch out of it: win-win. You can even get your mates to tag along, just let PCA know you’re bringing a friend.

Here are all the details for ya

Business Taster Day
Tuesday 18th December & Monday 14th January
10am – 3pm

Hospitality  Taster Day
Tuesday 15th January
9:30am – 3:30pm

Both business tasters are at the PCA campus, Pitt Street Sydney (near Central Station, so heaps easy for you to get o). The hospo taster is out in the field at hotels, restaurants, bars, but PCA will give you all the details when you let them know you’re interested.

If this sounds like something that you’re keen on checking out, just head here and chuck in your details. Or, if you just want to chat to someone from PCA and get a bit more info about who they are or their courses, you can put your details in here.

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