When you’re at that time of the year where exams, assessments, applications and deadlines are flying at you, finding time to head to a uni open day can be at the bottom of your list. But if there’s one open day that’s worth your time it’s The Australian National University (ANU) Open Day. It’s on the 26 August and here’s why you should definitely bother going.

1. Find out about studying overseas

Got big dreams of travelling the world, learning a new language or getting ahead of everyone else in your career? ANU makes it possible for you to go on exchange as part of your degree and there’s opportunities to do hands-on programs, like archaeology digs if that’s what you’re in to. At the Open Day you can chat about global programs, talk to Student Ambassadors and suss out courses, grants and scholarships which makes it super easy for you.

2. Suss the campus

Cruise around campus and suss out all the facilities, libraries, cafes and classrooms. You can duck in and check out different lecture halls and If you’re worried about getting lost, jump on to a campus tour that will show you the ins and outs of the uni.

3. Free food

What’s an open day without stuffing your face with as much free food as you can? Take advantage of the fact that clubs and societies are trying to win you over with free sausage sizzles and coffees (and learn about all those clubs and societies while you’re at it).

4. The fun stuff

There’s no chance you’ll be wandering around bored at ANU Open Day. There’s a tonne of exhibitions and performances that give ANU Open Day a festival vibe, as well as things like a free photo booth and a lab coat party where you get to do all the cool science stuff your Year 10 teacher never let you do.

5. Study options

It’s hard to wrap your head around the massive number of courses that ANU has on offer but heading to ANU Open Day will give you a chance to figure it all out. Plus, there’s even info on study options if you didn’t get the ATAR you needed for your course and bridging courses if you haven’t met prerequisites.

6. Convince your parents

Even if your parents seem calm on the outside, they’re probably more freaked out than you are about heading to uni. ANU offers open day sessions for parents or guardians that’ll help them get to know the uni better and make it easier to let you go.

7. Accommodation options

ANU has nearly 5,000 students from across Australia and around the world who call the uni home, so you know that living on campus must be good. Open days give you the chance to have a look at all your different options for on campus accommodation. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your mates to suss out where you want to live for when application time rolls around.

Sound good? ANU Open Day is on the 26 August, 9am to 4pm. If you’re keen, check out the full list of events or register here.

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