One of the toughest parts about doing your degree is at the end of it, you know you’re competing with all of your uni mates for the same jobs. It can make getting your foot in the events industry door tough, especially when you’re still trying to build up experience.

It’s even worse if you’ve taken a gap year, because you’re a whole year behind your friends who’ve already started at university. Then, when they graduate and start working full-time, you’re still stuck studying, on the wrong schedule to them and barely able to afford all those nights out they’re suddenly attending.

This is where APM College at Torrens University steps in with your saving grace – a two year accelerated bachelor’s degree in Business.

Their Bachelor of Business (Event Management) is the perfect degree if you’re keen on getting involved in any area of business and events. There’s some pretty amazing job opportunities that come along with the title of events manager  like organising festivals, music concerts, product launches for brands, food festivals, charity fundraisers (like City2Surf), sport events and conventions.

This degree will give you all the knowledge you need to create awesome and original event concepts for businesses, while you also learn about all the super important theory stuff about marketing strategies and basics of business like consumer behaviour. On top of all this, the course involves a heap of practical experience to build your industry skills, so when you finish studying you’ll also be job ready with the skills employers are looking for.

Aside from all this good stuff, you can get ahead of the pack and graduate in two years (while all your mates still work through their own degrees). APM College at Torrens University gives you the option to accelerate your degree and get it done in two years through trimesters. So, while all your mates are studying for exams and doing assessments, you’ll be able to jump into the industry.

Not only does this give you a head start in building a career, but you’ll also be a step closer to earning a solid amount of cash so you’ll be able to ditch your casual job before they can.

It’s pretty much a win-win; you get a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) and, you can smash it out in two years while everyone else is grinding away for 3+. Now who’s going out every weekend?

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