If you know us at Year13, you know that we don’t reckon your ATAR is the be all and end all. We’ve written a tonne of articles about how you’re worth more than your marks, how your ATAR can’t predict your success and how everyone will forget about that number pretty quickly after it’s released. We also like to practice what we preach, which is why we’ve found you a creative degree that you can apply for without an ATAR.

We know your creativity, passion and ambition can’t be measured in a handful of three-hour exams and our mates over at LCI Melbourne think the same, which is why they give you the chance to apply with a creative portfolio instead of just your ATAR.

What does LCI Melbourne offer?

Whether you’re keen on interior design, fashion, filmmaking, photography or graphic design, LCI Melbourne have got you covered with their Bachelor of Design Arts.

This creative degree can be wrapped up in two or three years and you can choose from one of six majors:

  • Communication Design
  • Fashion & Costume Design
  • Filmmaking & Photography
  • Graphic & Digital Design
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Arts

LCI Melbourne helps with industry connections and on-the-job work placements so you’ll get all the theory knowledge as well as the practical skills you’ll need for when you graduate. Win-win.

On top of all this, LCI Melbourne also has three types of scholarships available: academic, creative and indigenous. The creative scholarship covers 15% of the recipient’s full-time tuition fees annually and is focused on portfolio performance (we told ya they know you’re worth more than your ATAR). You can check out scholarship criteria here and start working on your application, which is due February 1 (so you’ve got heaps of time).

How do I apply without an ATAR?

To apply through creative entry, you need to be able to attend an interview and present a portfolio of work. Your portfolio can include things like your Year 12 major work but, if you don’t have anything to show off, you can complete a selection activity designed by LCI Melbourne.

The interview

Before you freak out, the interview is an informal and friendly chat about your ambitions, interests and if you’ve done any relevant work experience (basically, all the stuff your ATAR could never measure). It’s also a chance to show off your portfolio and talk through your creative works. You’ll be interviewed by one or two people, who will ask you questions that relate to the selection criteria (which you can check out here).

The portfolio

 Again, don’t freak out, no one is expecting you to have a perfectly polished portfolio with years and years of work, it just has to show your creative and technical skills (check out all the exact portfolio requirements here). Plus, LCI Melbourne takes applications all year round, so you don’t need to suddenly start worrying about another deadline. You can apply at any time for a February, June or September start.

Sound good?

If you’re keen, or just want some more information about LCI Melbourne, what they offer, scholarships or applying head over here, chuck in your details and a super friendly person will be in touch to help you with any and all questions you have.

You can also head here to suss out some more details about their Information Session and Open Day coming up which is a no pressure way to check out their campus, hear about their degree and see it all in person before you commit to anything.