School has a way of kicking you while you’re down, doesn’t it? You work yourself to the bone all year studying texts you don’t understand, to do exams you don’t like. And if you happen to be the type of student that excels outside of this kind of academic environment, then your mark may not accurately reflect all of your time and effort.

All our teachers and parents ever talk about is going to university, so we end up panicking when we don’t get the ATAR or uni offer we want. Instead of being excited about life after high school, we freak out about the future.

This kind of thinking needs to stop.

If this sounds like you, don’t run to the bottom of your preference list to the courses you have no interest in and only threw in to fill spots. There are lots of study options that don’t require an ATAR.

Most people know that TAFE offers a huge range of vocational courses like certificates and diplomas. But TAFE NSW is also a great place study specialist degrees in Business, Fashion Design, Adult Education, Information Technology, Applied Commerce, plus heaps more. Their degrees will get you a nationally-recognised qualification and set you up with all the experience knowledge you need to get started in the industry you want.

While you will need to have received a Higher School Certificate or equivalent, there are no ATAR requirements (cause these guys know you’re more than a number). You can also get into a degree program with a Tertiary Preparation Certificate or a Certificate IV or higher qualification. Some courses may have other entry requirements, but these are more to do with your actual interest or aptitude in that specific area, such a separate test, interview, or a portfolio for a Design degree.

Studying at TAFE NSW also means you’ll get both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills you need to get you started on your chosen career path. You’ll also be taught by people with current industry experience, in small classes that let you really get to know your peers and teachers. There are also opportunities for internships and work experience readily available, so they’ve got the one-up on universities when it comes to getting you practical, real-world experience.

If you’re really set on going to university, then you can use your TAFE NSW qualification as a pathway into a university degree. You may even be eligible for a credit transfer arrangement which could mean you’ll gain a qualification faster.

Click here to find out more about the degrees TAFE NSW has on offer, or if you’re keen to meet some industry experts and have a suss of the campus and facilities, jump over here to register for the TAFE NSW INFOFEST 2019.