High school can be trash at times. It’s often a cesspit of popularity competitions, petty fights and drama. No matter how breezy your overall high school experience was, I’m sure there was a point where you wanted to ditch all of your textbooks and run for the hills. But, once you’re finished, all of these moments become obsolete.

Some school yards have it lucky with their pointless bitching and social hierarchy fizzling out by senior years, whereas for some, the drama follows them right up until grad.

If this is you, try your absolute hardest not to get caught up in it all. And, if you’re a fan of futile drama, just know that your stint as drama queen will have an expiry date.

I remember the manipulative way people would move groups and if someone wasn’t sitting in their usual spot, it was big news. I remember the complete shake up of groups once the boys started hanging out with the girls. I remember the way two people who were fighting would walk past each other in the hallway, mastering the side-eye.

I remember during a bit of Year 9 and 10, being the one friend who was forgotten about for pres. The one friend who was sort of left behind for events or to just hang out. There’s a shitty period of not really knowing when you’re going to get out of that sort of friendship rut and you question if that’s the position you’re destined for, forever.


With a mixture of really shitty hormones, an overall lack of confidence (that everyone feels) and the fact that you’re put in a pressure cooker filled with hundreds of people going through the same crap, arguments and fights (over mostly nothing) are bound to erupt.

High school is always going to be a monumentally influential part of life. In saying that, it’s completely okay to acknowledge that not all of it is pretty.

I wish I could replay the sort of fights I was having in Year 8, just to laugh at how insanely immature everything was.

Finishing high school is a definite restart button and sometimes it’s for the best to completely embrace this new beginning. You’re able to re-evaluate what friends are bringing nothing but toxicity to the table and you’re able to stop diluting yourself as a result of high school pressures.

It’s a fresh start, so take advantage of it.