When you’re getting ready to finish school, for many of us it’s pretty much assumed that we have two choices:

  1. Try to get into university;
  2. Hone your practical skills by getting a trade.


Of course, there are heaps of other options, but these are the main two that our teachers, parents and career advisors talk about. And when they talk about them, they make it pretty clear that these are separate, mutually exclusive pathways that you’re going to have to decide between. Then, once you’ve made that decision, you’re supposed to stick with it.

As you may or may not know, here are Year13 we are always looking for new ways to beat the system and finding alternative ways of doing things. And damn have we struck gold on this one.


Now there’s a specific program that allows people to complete both a trade and a degree, and pick up all dem qualifications along the way. The Master Builders Apprentices to University Program is a unique opportunity for those who want to take their trade certificate to the next level.

While the program is still a new, fandangle thing, transitioning from a trade to university is actually a reasonably common thing to do. To work as a construction manager, architect or engineer, you need a bachelor degree. But these are still fairly practical jobs, and those who already have a trade or a background in construction have a massive head start on those who don’t when it comes to experience. So there’s a high demand for tradespeople to work their way up to those roles.


This is why, in October 2016, Master Builders signed a contract with the NSW Government to deliver the Program, which shortens and simplifies the training pathway for apprentices to who want to get a bachelor degree.

It works like this: Apprentices undertake a Diploma of Project Management while doing their trade. Once they complete the diploma, they’re entitled to one year off their bachelor degree in Construction Management.

The program includes mentoring and study assistance for apprentices, plus it has the benefit of flexibility. Participants are able to complete the Diploma at their own pace with the option of stepping-off the program when necessary and then jumping back into it at a later date.


This pathway course has been designed to better train apprentices so that they can become the next leaders of the construction industry. The focus is on better equipping tradespeople for people handling, project management and leadership, not to mention it’ll allow them to earn a bit more coin in a higher paying job.

Basically, the construction industry needs more up and coming leaders, so this pathway is a fantastic initiative for training people to become the next top dogs of the building industry.


If you’re keen to get involved, you can check out the Master Builders Association and register your interest. Beyond the pathway program, they have a whole host of apprenticeships and traineeships available, so hit them up if you’re looking to start a trade or vocation.

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