Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you…

Duff-BeerDisclaimer: Alcohol related post

To all those Simpson fans out there, prepare to quench your thirst in a way you never though possible. The beverage of choice for everyone’s favourite father is coming to Australia. That’s right, Australia is set to become the first country in the world to officially stock the previously fictional draught.

According to sources, the drink is being described as “superbly crafted with a perfect balance of flavour and refreshment featuring a deep golden colour with caramel aromatics and a hint of fruit”. Personally, we’re just excited at the thought we can finally wrap our lips around the most publicised beer in existence!

The beer is set to be released on May 28th with 6 packs being reported to set you back only $17 and a case $45 at BWS or Dan Murphy’s. Bargain!

MMMmmm, Duuufffffff.

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