Ikon Institute of Australia Provider Code: 40263

Private Educator

Why Study With Ikon?

Largest Provider in Australia

The Ikon Institute of Australia is a private higher education, international education and vocational education provider, leading education in mental health and wellbeing. Established in 1988, Ikon has been helping people help others for over 25 years. Today Ikon is the largest provider of art therapy training in Australia and a leading provider of humanistic and therapeutic training. Ikon represents education specialists in creative therapies, psychotherapy, counselling and community services. With course offerings across all these areas, Ikon supports the learning of students across Australia, in a multitude of ways.

  • Ikon excels in delivering theoretical and experiential learning; the additional knowledge that students and graduates obtain, help them to become career-ready therapists.
  • Ikon provides support to students through their entire life-cycle of learning; including orientation days, drop in sessions, student support officers, local support staff, expert trainers, like-minded students, alumni program, communication channels and more. Ikon supports and encourages students to grow and develop as people, again providing the opportunity for them to become effective professionals.
  • Ikon provides a supportive environment to help identify the right learning opportunities for each student. This helps students gain the necessary skills and attributes to meet their goals.
  • Ikon provides a personalized educational experience, that incorporates small class sizes with greater opportunity for guidance. This creates a positive impact on learning through increased time on tasks, greater opportunities for tailored instruction and supported classroom participation.
  • Ikon is involved in the broader community, through the alumni group, as well as participating in a variety of conferences. Ikon is also connected to the industries in which we teach, which provides the opportunity for course materials to be reflective of current needs in the sectors in which we operate.

Government Registered

Ikon works hard to provide students with unsurpassed levels of education and service. Ikon’s courses are nationally recognised and accredited which means they have been found to meet the stringent education quality standards set by the Government. Our RTO code is 40263. TEQSA PRV14055 CRICOS NO. 03581E.

Specialist Trainers

Ikon’s teaching staff come from diverse backgrounds and have years of current, professional experience. All our trainers are currently working in the field that they teach, ensuring the examples they share are relevant to the current industry.

At Ikon our commitment to deliver you the highest level of skills extends into assuring you have the very best trainer that specialise in the particular modules you study. With a team that includes more than 30 trainers, directly from the industries in which we teach, you can be assured of an educational experience that is innovative, relevant, and connected to industry.

Connect With Like-Minded Individuals

Ikon courses are conducted in a workshop style environment allowing you to express yourself in an open forum of like- minded people. You will be exposed to a broad range of contrasting theories and therapeutic modalities that will enable you to select the appropriate techniques and methods for your clients.

A Rewarding Career

Imagine working in an industry, which is exciting, rewarding and growing. Over the years the Ikon Institute of Australia has successfully helped thousands of people like you find their new vocation or supplement their skills to open up additional opportunities in their existing field. Ikon graduates can be found working in private practice, or in specialist roles within Aged Care, Hospitals, Schools, Community Services or General Health Services. The opportunities are endless.

More Opportunities For You

Ikon’s strong relationships within industry and community services ensures the course material is reflective of current industry needs. It also means we are often the first to hear of placement and graduate opportunities.


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