We spend a lot of our teenage years counting down the day until we turn 18 and are legally an ‘adult’.

Lemme tell you though, while you might think it’s all fun and games, turning 18 isn’t exactly what you think it is, and here’s a couple of things about finally celebrating eighteen years on this Earth that you might not have expected:

1. You won’t love clubbing forever

Most upcoming 18-yr-olds’ dream is to wait in line at the local and then get absolutely sloshed in a club for the first time (legally).

This is such a fun and anticipated moment for fresh 18-year-olds, but it loses its glow very quickly.

One night you’ll be standing in the club, ordering your 15th raspberry vodka for the month, your favourite jam playing in the background, and you’ll think to yourself, this is nowhere near as fun as it used to be.

The trick to avoiding this is to pace yourself; if you go out every weekend, everything’s going to feel the same eventually and the club loses its glow.

2. Your parents don’t treat you all that differently

Just because you’re an adult now, doesn’t mean you can get out of unpacking the dishwasher and your parents don’t suddenly treat you like one of their equals.

They’re still going to be on your case, as much as they were when you were 17.

 3. Your 18th party probably won’t be the best night of your life

Unless your expectations are on the floor, your 18th birthday party probably won’t fit the unrealistic image you’ve imagined in your head.

You’ll probably overthink why people aren’t dancing, why no one is eating the party pies and why the DJ is trying to hook up with someone from your school instead of playing the ’90s party playlist of your dreams.

The key to making your 18th a night to remember is to have no expectations, otherwise you’ll build it up to something it’s not and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

4. You need to get some of your shit together

After turning 18, you’re going to be expected to start getting some of your life together.

You don’t need to have everything planned out (nobody ever does), but it’s time to figure out how to take yourself to the doctor, pay your own phone bill and book a reservation at a restaurant.

You also need to enrol to vote, suss out if you can donate blood and register to be an organ donor.

5. You don’t magically become an ‘adult’

While you get a couple more responsibilities I think one of the biggest misconceptions of turning 18 is that you’ll all of a sudden have a greater sense of self, know more about the world and be infinitely wiser.

This is bullshit.

Unfortunately, your problems will most likely remain, you won’t feel some overwhelming sense of maturity. Luckily though, a mortgage payment isn’t just going to show up in your letterbox, so you don’t need to stress about that.

You’re going to be fine, but don’t assume all your problems are going to suddenly disappear either.