The first thing you see when you visit Year13 is the photos. They’re pretty bloody great, aren’t they?

Well, they’re not possible without the helping hand of the unsung heroes of Year13–the people that take snaps of them and their mates, get them developed and send em’ our way.

We love seeing what you guys get up to and we’re insanely grateful every time you send in a fresh batch of photos. Here’s a couple of our favourite photographers–there’s a tonne of them so we’ve kept the list short and sweet for now… but keep an eye out for some more of the unsung heroes of Year13 very soon.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, let’s get to know a couple of the legends.

 1. Sophia Sorensen



Sophia is a 21-year-old that is addicted to hommus and kombucha. When she’s not busy working in the field of marketing, she dabbles as a freelance photographer and writer on the side.

Last year, Sophia backpacked through Europe solo. While experiencing the lush islands of Greece, her phone carked it and she was left with absolutely nothing to document her travels.

Desperate and looking for an alternative, Sophia fell in love with disposable cameras and the beauty of unpredictability. Since then, she hasn’t looked back.

“I feel like there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ film photo. It’s like art to me.”

She’s invested in a film camera and it is one of the two possessions that she would cry over if it were to break–the other being her surfboard. Getting a fresh batch of developed photos feels like Christmas to Sophia and even though her bank account takes a hit, she reckons film photography is worth it (and we have to agree with her).


“I feel like film and disposable photography captures the romance in an ordinary moment. Whereas to me, digital just captures the ordinary in an ordinary moment.”

Thanks Sophia for your pics, they’re rad! Make sure you check out more of her stuff here.

2. Genevieve Miller



Genevieve is a 17-year-old recent graduate from Perth, Western Australia. When she’s not working a shift at Hoyts, you’ll most likely catch her soaking up some UV rays down at the beach as a self-proclaimed beach lass. Most importantly, Gen has two yappy chihuahua’s, Archie and Tex.


While slaving away at work, Gen’s mates told her about the beauty of disposables. A year and thousands of pictures later, she has fallen head over heels and has invested in a film camera.

Gen’s love for film is rooted in the anticipation and anxious tummy bug she experiences when she takes photos. She loves the idea of thinking you’ve taken a rockin’ pic then come development realise it’s not the most flattering thing in the world.

“You may think you took a hell good shot of you and your mates and then when you get it back you’ve got chins galore and it’s a total mess, but it captures the moment perfectly and the whole raw authenticity.”

Although Gen warns that working with film can be quite pricey, she’ll never stop shooting film no matter how lil’ moolah she may have saved.

“The worst parts would be either having a shitty camera where the film gets stuck, how costly it is for a camera, film and the developing process, and to be honest, how careful you have to be with your camera.

But in the end it’s all worth it for sure.”

For real, thanks Genevieve! We love seeing what you and your pals get up to. Make sure you check out her stuff on her film account and give her personal Insta a cheeky follow as well.

3. Kate Johnson



Kate is a recent high school graduate who is working two jobs to fund her addiction to festivals, gigs, op-shopping and film photography. She commits to the hustle at a lil’ café and being a sandwich artist at Subway. And yes, she has told us that they’ve changed their menu and it sucks.

Next year she’ll be heading to uni to study journalism and chasing her dream of landing a job on radio.

Photo 10-2-18, 4 46 41 pm

After a convo with her Nan and Pop, Kate was inspired by their stories and experience with film when they were younger. She was gifted with some cameras and off she went to experiment for herself. Now, she always has a camera on hand for gigs, festivals and adventures with her pals.

“One of my favourite parts of shooting with film is the fact that I never have to get my phone out at festivals.”

Like Gen and Sophia, Kate warns that film photography can be a bit pricey at times.

“It’s such an expensive hobby, especially when your roll doesn’t wind through correctly or your photos are under or over exposed, grainy or blurry.”

Photo 5-3-18, 10 56 02 am

Despite the cost of using film, Kate says it’s all worth it for the thrill of not knowing the end result. In fact, she loves that she doesn’t get caught up in trying to achieve the perfect photo with an iPhone.

“I wouldn’t do it if the end result wasn’t worth it! I have photos to capture life long memories I will look back on for years to come and despite the money and frustration at times it is all worth it to capture my life through film.”

Thanks a bunch Kate, we adore ’em. Go show Kate’s snaps some love on her Insta here.

If you’re out there reading this and looking to change up your Insta feed, switch to film. Take pics of your adventures and some whacky snaps with ya mates and the shenanigans you get up to.

More importantly, send them through to us here at Year13! We absolutely love seeing you and your mates having the time of your lives and we always love featuring new photographers. All you have to do is email

Thanks legends!