High School

7 Things I Did During My First Week Of Freedom After Exams

words by Joseph | photo by @soph_vanrooyen

With final exams well underway, it can be easy to find yourself completely overwhelmed and struggling to remember what life was like outside of them. We’re here to remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is delicious and full of alcohol and treats and sunny days rather than gloomy nights spent thumbing through textbooks.

I remember that first week of freedom being especially sweet. Here’s how I spent that time, and remember–it’s all yours soon. 

1. Killed off a few brain cells

After my last exam, my entire Biology class walked straight to the pub; even those that didn’t drink got themselves a huge Coke or something.

After spending so much time trying to keep our brains sharp for school, we were glad to be able to put them to rest for a little while.

2. Turned off my alarm

Celebrating the end of exams doesn’t have to be about huge, extravagant displays of IDGAF–sometimes it’s the little wins that count the most.

The first day I was able to sleep without an alarm was a memorable one, if you can call sleeping in until 4pm memorable.

The rest of the time was spent doing very little, and it was bloody fantastic. Maybe this is what my English teacher meant by less is more? 

3. Read a book for fun

Analysing a book for English is the quickest way to get somebody to hate it, so I was bloody delighted when I picked up a book for the first time in months and didn’t have to look out for bullshit literary techniques.

It rekindled my love of reading which turned out to be pretty important, considering I’m now a writer and all that.

4. Ate like a normal person

Honestly, being able to eat my meals at normal times again instead of wolfing them down at strange hours of the night was a huge win.

What’s more, I actually had time to enjoy my food again, and to seek out meals that were healthy (rather than eating Mi Goreng three times a day). 

 5. Looked for a job

The first week after exams wasn’t all parties and sleep-ins, but even scrolling through job ads turned out to be a rad time since it got me thinking about different jobs I could be doing over the summer–and they were all better than learning maths formulas.

Plus, it got me thinking about earning cash money again and what I could do with it all.

6. Planned all of the things

Of course, being me, I didn’t get to plan a whole lot of post-school celebrations because I was too busy leaving all my study to the last minute.

As soon I was done with exams though, I went on a planning mission and tracked down a bunch of events and trips I wanted to go on.

It was time to do things like head to the beach where the ocean washed away my Shakespeare-induced tears and the sun burnt away memories of all-nighters and unanswered questions.

Better late than never, right?

7. Hit the road

By the end of the week I did get to go on the one trip I did manage to organise beforehand–schoolies.

It was time to ramp up those celebrations to the next level, and by the second night of beach parties I barely remembered what exams were like.