Your teenage years are a time for making memories, of trying new things and attempting to figure things out. You’ll do some things for the first time and some for the last. You’ll laugh and cry and take dumb photos and flunk exams.

Soon, you’ll leave high school and the time will come where you’ll slowly forget about the memories you made – good and bad. 

All the highs and lows will slowly be pushed to the back of your mind until you won’t be able to remember your favourite teacher’s name, your sports house chant or what book you studied in English.

You’ll forget about the worst bits, like the massive pimple on your chin that lasted for a week that you thought everyone was staring at (they weren’t, but even if they were, they’ve forgotten about it now too).

The days where you went with barely any sleep, trying to smash out exams and essays, pulling all-nighters because you’d left everything to the last minute.

You’ll forget how excited you were in the lead up to formal and how shit the DJ turned out to be. You’ll forget the sick feeling in your stomach at graduation as you walked up to collect your certificate and prayed you wouldn’t fall in front of everyone.

You’ll forget what it was like to be surrounded by your family when they hugged you and said congratulations; you’ll forget the feeling that comes with knowing you have made them so proud.

One of the worst parts of leaving high school is that you’re going to leave so much behind. You’ll grow up and new people and experiences will start to take over, and you’ll forget about a lot of the old ones.

Some of the memories you’ll lose altogether. You’ll forget about that time you skipped class and what made your best friend laugh so hard that Friday afternoon in Maths.

You’ll forget all the dumb inside jokes you had with your mates, and you’ll forget what your best friend ordered from the canteen every day without fail. You’ll forget what you used to do after school and watch TV shows you watched.

Some of the memories you’ll be able to desperately hang on to – the feeling of your first kiss, how you hid your end of year report from your parents for weeks and your first detention.

You’ll have vague memories of what your classrooms were like and the name of your year advisor will sit on the tip of your tongue.

Forgetting is an inevitable part of life, which is why you need to take advantage of your teenage years right now.

Take stupid photos that you’ll be able to look back on in ten years’ time. Buy a disposable camera and take snaps that are more than just selfies. Stop thinking so much about the future and focus on the people in front of you right now. Make the memories you won’t be able to forget.