Year 12 Formal is a great night–if your school has nothing to do with it.

You’re going to have fun and you’re going to get drunk. Let’s get all of that out of the way (apologies to any school-ran formal-goers that this may or may not apply to).

However, there’s a lot that can happen on this very special night, so here’s what you’ve got to be prepared for.

1. Things are already not going to feel the same 

If your formal is after exams (as it should be) you’re already going to have spent nearly two months without being at school.

You’re going to experience the shock of people not really talking to each other the same, if at all.

To combat this, take advantage of the fact that this could literally be the last time you’ll see some of these people.

Ask questions you’ve never asked before, talk to people you never got the chance to during school and remember to tell your high school crush how you feel because worse case scenario they’ll tell you to leave them alone and it’ll be an awkward dinner party story you can tell when you’re old.

 2. Everyone is going to be druuuuuuuuunk

Yes, this sounds potentially incredible for some but, whilst most people in your year will be lit (if your school/formal allows it), the mixture of finishing school and alcohol can make things messy.

Remember, this is the last night you’re going to see some classmates so emotions will be high, as well as the amount of alcohol everyone will be drinking.

Someone dropped their suit jacket in a puddle of someone else’s vomit at my school formal, so don’t get too attached to your ASOS get-up.

Get ready for some tears, some chunder and your drunk friend yelling at you “pRomiSe wE’re sTiLL Going tO hANg OwwWwWT!!!!!!”

3. People are going to start their post-school bragging 

You’re going to experience this more after the ATARs come out but formal is the night where people start planting their bragging seeds. You’re going to be asked ‘what are you doing next year’ a million times in one night.

You better get used to it because every single goddam time you see anyone from school after graduation, it’s the one question that’s going to stick.

People just won’t stop talking about their early entry or how their parents are going to pay for them to go to Europe for schoolies.

Despite all this, formal will genuinely be a good night and one that you’ll remember for a long time.

Everyone will look fancy and it’ll be one of the last times you see a whole bunch of people who have been in your life for a massive chunk of your life.

Regardless of whether someone throws up on your dress or you start crying at the inevitability of saying goodbye to your high school friends, it’s a night to make some pretty good memories, so make the most of it.