South Africa

African Wildlife Captive Care

From AU$2645
2 weeks or more
18yrs and above

What is the Wildlife Captive Care program?

Designed for students or for anyone with a keen interest in African wildlife, this special Wildlife Rehabilitation and Captive Care program is the ideal experience for those interested in pursuing a career in the veterinary wildlife or zoology field.  Offered twice each year, the program is capped at 10 participants per intake and includes both theory and practical sessions to enhance participant knowledge of different species.

The 2 week captive care program can easily be combined with a week or more of general wildlife volunteering at the sanctuary and/or time spent at one of the remote wildlife research projects studying carnivores, elephant or wild dog populations.

What did previous participants think?

“Worth every penny, it was fantastically run and so many opportunities to learn and be involved”  Meaghan from VIC

“If you not only love African Animals but truly care about their conservation, want to see them rehabilitated and thrive in their natural habitats - then this is the experience for you!”  Michaela from QLD

Where will I stay?

On-site twin/triple-share accommodation is provided at the sanctuary, very safe and secure and very comfortable – if travelling solo you’ll be paired with another volunteer (same-gender).  Showers and toilet facilities are shared.

Three delicious meals a day are included so you’ll enjoy the luxury of having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared for you. You can look forward to some authentic African braais (BBQ) on a weekend too!

What will I do?

Participants will learn the ins and outs of animal behaviour, gaining an in-depth understanding of everything from wild dog pack mentality to captive cheetah behaviour.  Theory sessions entail discussions about the various species of wildlife in Namibia, diseases and parasites affecting them, enrichment, human-wildlife conflict, and the role conservation organisations play in Africa.

Practical sessions will cover health, condition, behaviour, social structure, feeding habits and gender differences, examined using our on-site animals as a visual aid. Here participants will have the opportunity to visit our big cats and wild dogs, to walk amongst baboons in the veldt and to observe our other various conservation ambassadors in order to gain a better understanding of their behaviour. Watching the way lions interact over food or the way baboons build a complex social hierarchy will better enable participants to draw conclusions about the various species and learn what contributing factors stand in the way of successful rehabilitation. Furthermore, the group gets priority treatment if there are any unexpected veterinary activities going on during their visit. 

The sanctuary boasts an incredible variety of magnificent wildlife, all on a 3,500 hectare reserve located in the heart of the Namibian bush. With lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog as well as baboons, vervet monkeys, oryx, kudu and countless other species in need of the care that the sanctuary provides there is plenty of work to be done.  Participants will learn about the role of the wildlife sanctuary as well as the circumstances of the animals that come into our care, from the day of arrival until the day of release.  During these sessions, our expert wildlife coordinators will share their own experiences and relay their detailed knowledge of animals in captivity and in the wild.  Each animal has its own story… whether rescued from a farmer’s trap, surrendered or seized from illegal captivity, injured or orphaned there are many paths to this rehabilitation centre.

They specialise in rescue and rehabilitation so that animals, once ready and where possible are able to be returned to the wild – where this is not possible, they get to live out their days at the sanctuary in a safe and caring environment where they are given a life as much in tune with their natural instincts as possible.

How do I apply?

If you're interested and want some more info or to apply to this program, chuck in your details below or download the info pack and someone will be in touch to help you out!


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