Giant Panda Conservation

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What is a Conservation Volunteer gap year?

This big bad world of ours isn’t just made up of us and them. What’s that mean? It means you need to remember to give back to this planet that supports you, and if you want to do so let us help. If you’ve seen the giant panda sneezing video on youtube, you’re already a step in the right direction. If not, it’s good for a laugh, then let’s see if you want to help preserve this endangered species.

Is it made for me?

Does it bother you that the Giant Panda is going extinct? Are you interested in working with animals? Do you support the preservation of this species and are you interested in Chinese culture? Volunteering with the Panda Conservation cause will allow you to work closely with panda keepers and pandas while immersing you in the Chinese culture you inhabit. All that is required is a doctor’s note to ensure you don’t have any communicable diseases you might pass along to the pandas; accommodation and food will be provided, as will support through the process of flights, visas, and other arrangements.

What will I do as a conservation volunteer?

You will be given the chance to assist the Panda Keepers in their daily duties, provide attention to the pandas, clean the enclosures of the animals, prepare food and feed the pandas and other animals, provide general maintenance at the centre including fencing, planting, rubbish collection, and building platforms, and help staff at the centre develop their English skills.

Where can I do it?

Based in majestic surroundings in the mountains of Sichuan, you'll work alongside Chinese conservation professionals gaining exclusive behind the scenes access to the centre.

What will my experiences be as a Giant Panda Conservation volunteer?

As a conservation volunteer you will be working closely alongside the keepers at the centre to prevent the extinction of this magnificent animal. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the city around you, meet new people, and adapt to a culture unlike your own!

How is this good for me?

This is an opportunity to travel and prepare to explore independently. Working with these animals will teach you humility and you'll gain insight into Chinese life. Take a chance to do something unexpected in a place maybe you hadn’t planned previously, you’ll get more out of it than you think!


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