Paid Teaching Internship

From AU$2665
Paid work

What is a Paid Teaching Internship?

Boost your CV by spending a semester working in China. Soak up the culture of this unique nation during a 5 months paid and supported English teaching internship. No experience is necessary as you’ll receive all the training you need during your TEFL/TESOL qualification, and you do NOT need to speak even a word of Mandarin Chinese. The in-country group induction helps ease you into life in China and is heaps of fun !

Is it made for me?

Sometimes we want to take time off from studying or embark on an adventure but the idea can be daunting without the prospect of a paycheck. Teaching English in China is the chance to gain responsibility and work experience as a teacher and have an income to supplement your time and travels. A teaching internship in China is designed for those looking for a new, exciting environment, who aren’t afraid of a challenge and the prospect of helping students while bettering themselves.

What will I do with myself as an English teacher in China?

You will be prepared as a teacher or teacher assistant with emphasis on teaching English through conversation, composition, reading, and literature. You will assist in writing lesson plans, taking attendance, correct homework, and provide academic counsel. You could be ranging your teaching between music, history, geography, or science depending on your background and skill, and might even expect to take lessons on by yourself.

Where can I do it?

The first week is spent training in Beijing with loads of other people from around the world; all planning to teach and travel the country. Your placement can range across China, a country steeped in traditions and ancient practices that has helped transform the remarkable modern society we are familiar with today. Visit the Great Wall before delving further into the array of places and things waiting to be discovered.

What will I experience as I teach English?

This won’t be like every other paid job you’ve held in the past. This teaching gap year will allow you to meet new people, examine a new culture, explore a country, and have fun while donating your skills.

How is this good for my career?

China is a massive influence on the global world and having experienced its culture will open up the doors for your future. If you think you want to become a teacher or if you’d just like to travel to another country without the hindrance of lack of funds to support your traveling, this gap year is ideal. Future employers crave employees who’ve gone out of their comfort zones to try something new and return the better for it.


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